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    MF open and closed / 8.15 / FHUTT (not visible) / FW / Viberg... same old stuff
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    warehouse jacket real mccoys sweatshirt sugar cane jeans
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    a report on may's uniform... triple bib no cuff w. dbl rolled sleeve ... orslow-tcb / lvc-tcb / tcb-oshkosh & lamarie suede r.mocs
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    Little update on the 25th 1950s jeans Red tab and arcuates are packing their bags The beauty I’m hoping to match, minus the much needed repairs Denim is good
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    Here is my R01 black seed denim. Worn about everyday for 2 years washing probably every week.
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    I wanted a little rack to put 25-30 cd's on.. but something with a mid-century vibe.. alas, cd's wouldn't be invented for a few more decades.. but i found a 'book trough' https://www.vinterior.co/furniture/storage/shelves/vintage-mid-century-desktop-book-rack-teak-wood-desk-top-bookshelf ..it had already sold and i wouldn't have paid £75 when i can rip it off for nowt in oak ...only cd i could find at work.. something which Andy Votel of Finders Keepers fame put together ..bit of french polish ..rub down with some wire wool and a coat of wax Ta, Daaaa!
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    Shrunk down a pair of M41119 yesterday that I'd had in my closet for a while, and I'm wearing them now for the first time. I was expecting them to be pretty similar to the M41200 that I've been wearing for the last few years, but with details more reminiscent of the early '50s. They're not—pretty much everything besides the fabric is different. The legs are still very full, but the cut is slimmer and shallower up top, and it feels very much like what I've come to think of as a '50s-style cut. I like them a lot. I'm not sure how much day-to-day wear they'll see (I'm still mostly caught up in the 1001xx DSB and the '51 601xx), but I'm planning on transitioning them in as my climbing pants since they offer a completely unrestricted range of motion and since the M41200 that I've been using are starting to wear thin in a few places. It shouldn't take long for them to start showing some good wear. Also shown: Stevenson, Russell
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    Kapital Ring Coat // MF Bandana // LVC // Kapital // Carmina
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    Stevenson / Hollows / TCB / Lofgren / + Ooe
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    Bopped a pair of the black SP’s as well. Really digging these cutoff p24a’s lol. Just need SP32’s now in Stotz…
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    brief photo update on my 1001xx i’ve been wearing on and off since august 2021.
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    Bout a month worth of wear and six or seven washes on these canes so far, I absolutely love them. They got downgraded to work jeans on their very first wear, lol, but we’ve gotten a lot done together so far… sanded and prepped (but not painted, they’re not that far gone) my work truck, disassembled n packed up my motorcycle, moved my partner out of their apartment, drained and cleaned out a swimming pool, and transplanted half a garden, among other things… I’m moving back up to washington next week so they’ll be along for that too! It’s nice having a pair of pants you’re not scared will tear through every time you put em to work :p bonus shot of our main accomplishment together:
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    Sugar Cane TCB 60’s
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    SDA hat, jacket, & shirt, Tender belt, Warehouse pants, TCB RDT boots
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    This one's a firm favourite Lot S516 XX early 1946 post-war model, flannel-lined, lot #2131006 Small developments after some winter wear...
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    Just gave these another wash a few nights ago.
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    A year on the books for these S601XX's, I'll be relegating them to weekend wear mostly going forward. Just a bit too faded to wear to the office anymore I think. And a bonus fit pic of the 601B at the bottom!
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    Very happy with the fit. Going to do no cuffs this time around.
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    As if you all weren’t aware, @Duke Mantee makes such excellent belts, I now have acquired a few, and these just arrived. I really can’t believe how beautiful they each are, so I’ll show y’all here.
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    Half Marathon in Keswick/Lake District
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    from 36 °C in turkey to maybe 20 °C back home grandma made sweater old bleach tie dyed Carhartt shirt Warehouse c/l 800 slippers
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    Enjoying the sun nonnative phigvel vans
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    So it started with a nice walk around Newmillerdam Country Park with the crew Lookin blue as a smurf Twinned with Junior MJF9 in foot-hugging Salomon Then into the nearby town of Wakefield (aka Wakey) on an impromptu kebab hunt We took in the sights but, alas, no kebabs to be had So sat on some steps eating M&S couscous watching the local busker And - for the Superfuture crew - I tipped the fella for a special request just for you :). Beauty indeed. PS This is the under 9MB clip - have got the 3min version safe 20220529 Wakey Blue Jeans Babe Trimmed Take 11.mp4

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