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    I found my old backup after your post and did this lil weekend project http://acrdb.com If anyone has First Edition Kit on hand and could scan booklet, please lmk
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    tradition hat Buzz evilact trophy wesco
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    I made a small trip. stetson levis 506xx tcbjeans sebo
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    If you don't come here often then you are not really understanding of the term 'community', more taking advantage of those part of it. This has been a worrying trend for some time and has eroded the spirit in which it was created. Shame really.
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    Mail day! What’s inside… As if I needed more WH jeans, I couldn’t help it. My birthday present to myself this year
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    Happy holidays and all that! Just returned from Chicago and it wasn't that cold at all except for one day. The deck jacket was a bit too warm most days actually... Mister Freedom deck jacket. Freewheelers sweat, jeans and watch cap. Blundstone.
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    SC x Junky 46's Last washed in May, i haven't worn them regularly since, the knee has gone through and they're getting a bit frail (i only ever get 2-3yrs wear out of a pair of jeans so these have done pretty damn well) it's been 8 months since the last wash so they were in dire need. All photos taken in the rain Grimey pre-wash.. Post-wash Pre Post
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    Unknown hat, buzz peacoat, atlast, redwing. and a few layers underneath
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    20s tux (FW, TCB) / Lofgren / my mini photographer in the shadows ^ I've gone the other way Goodrain... since the pandemic it's been double denim every day
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    Hi everyone! Still loving the updates. So many beautiful jeans in this contest, I'm still so pleasantly surprised. I don't have any pics to share this morning, but wanted to check in with you all anyway. I got my pair back from Self Edge a few weeks ago. It was my second round of repairs - some extensive crotch and bicycle seat darning, heavy wallet and key repairs on the right rear and now looking at some basic seam repairs making themselves known. While I was off these, my Left Field Greasers got a month of heavy wear. It took me a week or so to settle back into this comical rise. Really, really, really not my favorite top block, but the comfort of the fit and the fabric go a long way to make up for it. Hoping to get another trip to Mexico in before the contest is done. Sadly, the jeans missed my trip last month to see family for the first time in nearly two years (out for repair). Rented some motorcycles and rode the beautiful hills and coastline with my partner and my uncle. We made it to two California classics in motorcycling - Neptune's Net and Cold Springs Tavern. Over the last month I also completed my body suit with J Medina finishing up some web work, my partner sticking a little PMA into a gap and Steve Boltz closing it out with dots and stars over my entire lower half. I've attached some of those here for you. Happy Holidays and good health to you all in the coming new year.
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    All I need is maybe a proper 47 repro and between these and my Conners I'm covered Left to right 1004xx dsb 1001xx 25th 1946 1001xx 25th 1950 Think my favourite denim from the 3 is the 46 , its a touch darker than the others and I prefer that but as far as texture and feel to the denim ... I honestly couldn't pick one as they are all excellent
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    So I was thinking this could be a place for everyone to post pics of there well worn non denim clothing , your sweats , chambrays or whatever . Now I'm not talking about a jacket that's hung in your wardrobe for 5 years ... it need to show wear , can be hard to capture the wear on some fabrics in pictures but would still be nice to see some pics of your most worn items non the less So I'll start Warehouse chambray Probably my most worn shirt , a Big Yank repro from warehouse that I bought on my first trip to Tokyo back in 2014 McCoys double layer after hood Think I've had this about 7 or 8 years and it's one of my most worn sweats , gets 2 or 3 days a week sometimes in winter . I'll admit soon after I first bought it I was a little let down by the fabric going a bit bally after a few washes but after years of wear the fabric is fading and wearing in really nicely but the construction is 100% intact without a broken stitch in sight Engineered Garments Workday utility jacket This is without a doubt my most worn item of clothing , had it more than 10 years and I've certainly got my moneys worth out of it
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    Better late than never - Happy holidays peeps! Apologies for the usual crappy phone pics but ... Conners WW2 tux, Cushman sweat, dad's old hat, sketchers memory foam work boots, fresh out the box. Plus bonus pics with my niece -
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    Rolling with the double denim in the snow here in the PNW - Warehouse Duck Digger top n bottom - Filson handknit sweater - Onderhoud boots
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    by the power of krystal... '01 vintage-orslow-tcb-r.mocs
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    to stay on topic with helping out on sizing with the J1W-GTPL I am 5'9 at 156 pounds and wearing a M (my normal go to size in acr) with a shirt underneath Second photo I'm layering the J1W with the J91-WS in M. Overall, I am really happy with the fit! I do wish I could have tried on a size S of the J1W to compare but I feel would have been risky since I wanted to use it with the J91 as the insulator. Really love both jackets and kept me nice and cozy at 35F.
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    Trophy Full Count (jacket) FW Tender TCB 40s Chippewa
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    It snowed and then it rained and it all melted. Now everything is wet and dirty. Surplus watch cap Vintage Military CPO 1970s Velva Sheen "Super Mann" sweat USA 501xx R&B Indy
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    Vintage M65 parka / Connors / Bronson / Freewheelers in need of smaller cuffs / Viberg
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    Southern California finally has been getting rain. merz merino beanie iron heart hoodie flat head flannel sda wwii jeans role club boots
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    Some thoughts on the J1W-GTPL. Got mine in Backer Grey, really like the color, please be aware though that it is not green-ish like in the product shots with Lenny. Love the new Flak-Pocket in the kinda retro look, great usability, i was worried the flap would be a bit in the way but it is absolutely not. The new gravity-pocket is a nice touch as its more invisible than before, though i can't really see for what exactly i should use it as the entrance part is kinda small and you are forced to empty them at the sleeve opening. I believe @thatslapz wrote a pretty detailed review about these features back when the J1E came out last year. Regarding sizing. I know this is a long ongoing discussion on this forum. I initially ordered an M (my normal size) and wasn't 100% sure if i like it so i got an S as well to compare. The S fits more like a normal (boxy) M - with no real down sides, i can easily fit my J78-WS underneath for added insulation, there is enough place at the shoulders, it is long enough. The M fits more like a normal Jacket in L would fit me. I wouldn't disagree that in general, you should just take your normal size as this will give you the intended fit (i picked my normal size for J33-E as opposed to other advises in this thread for example), but with this one, i would say it is up to personal taste and if you wanna go for a more normal fit, you're safe to size down. It is still a boxy cut and the silhouette reminds of older J1A iterations. Edit: please have some shitty phone pics of me wearing the size S (I’m 180cm 78kg)
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    Jamieson's - Resolute - Red Wing Toddler
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    Buzz Glad Hand Dickies Wesco
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    few weeks ago i had to go to East Kalimantan for site visit. it took aroun 8 hours to get there from the airport