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    Dehen jacket, carhartt sweat, buzz pants, vans shoes
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    Surly Bootleggers BA-2, 506XX 213, 661ZXX, Freewheelers Bowser Tee and Mill Reef My Bootleggers tux
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    Mets New Era Iron Heart BSPTIII22oz Samurai SWD-LO1 The FlatHead 8002 18oz Air Max 95 Banana Republic Tote
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    had a stroll around Sudirman Street, Jakarta the other day. Lots of office buildings, hotels and shopping centre.
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    Worn 5-6 days per week. 1 repair and lots of trips through the washer and dryer. I like these jeans a lot.
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    mf, sugar cane, labrador I'm hoping the jacket turns the same colour as the dog
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    Kapital / At Last / Viberg / Mid evening sunshine
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    Wash number God knows Bonus: pocket cat fadez
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    Simple Merz - Resolute - Paraboot
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    Small update. No 77 jeans still pretty pristeen I haven’t ever really worn my jeans down that quickly... still really liking the shape - and everyone else’s updates - including when people are wondering about how much they’re into the jeans at different stages too.
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    Warehouse. Freewheelers x 2. Lofgren.
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    Mark & Tims Fedora // Dry Bones // Hanes // Pecador Belt // TCB 40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    Papa Nui RMC Dalees MF Raiders Novesta
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    Freewheelers Cassady, Flight Engineer and Medium Weight Tee, Bootleggers Steamroller and White’s SD
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    Almost spring here, so broke out the Real McCoy's M421a along with LVC '37 501xx.
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    Got these a little while back and never got around to posting, top notch stuff. Scratched the Lee itch I'd been having.
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    My old LVC 1955 501's must be over fifteen years old now. They've been patched and repaired and keep going strong.
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    Just finished making a set of trestles with wood I found on site
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    Damn mirror selfie’s . carhartt, RMC, Edwin, at last, vans
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    Nice one broark , I thought I had the same shirt. It’s not , but it’s at last and grey too. Jeans are 147. Both 5 yrs old
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    au garcons kapital San Francisco genoajeans russell moccasin
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    Good mail day. The Signal & Brass Shoe Co repro of the 1880s / Nevada / Knappave overalls arrived. Slightly concerned they are a great post-soak fit before they’ve seen water, so might be cold washes only for these until I shift my lockdown gut. Won’t be worn in the LL Cool J style, just lazy cuffing to try on Nice wide hem/opening stitch on back pocket (if that makes sense) Period incorrect, but very handy, belt loops Single stitch throughout. Sewn on buttons. Rivets aren’t hammered. Back of copper rivets are super smooth and feel super high quality. No branding on rivets Z stitching on cinch strap and as expected, the leather patch is real nice Pocket bags use same denim (period correct) I think the bottom of the watch pocket should sit above the front pocket to be correct, but I won’t lose any sleep over this. I did a quick and dirty comparison with a pair of 1886 LVC (bottom pair). The biggest difference I spotted was the yoke stitching, which is upside down. Also the Signal pair is unfinished whereas the LVC are overlocked. No idea which is period correct. The Signal jeans also don’t have the selvedge line. The denim is 9.5oz unsanforised and is neppy. These will be a great loose, summer jean. Quick question: has anyone got any good tips for flattening the rivets, other than just twatting them? Is there something I need to be placing the rivet on to avoid nodgering it?