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    I posted a while back (looked and it was in January! Doesn’t seem like that long ago…) that I found a minimally worn Liberty CPO on eBay that was missing a button. I finally got around to making and attaching a new one today. Used a deer antler shed I found while hiking, which seemed true to the spirit of the shirt. Realized that I don’t have a great selection of hand tools for working on stuff that size. Probably would’ve been quicker if so but still only took 1.5 hrs or so. Went back and forth on how many holes to make for attachment- two seemed too few and four had me worried it would weaken the antler too much. I decided on three. When do you ever see a three holed button? Plus just read a book about SEALS and the trident pin. Some procedurals and the final product(not quite in the correct order):
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    Here they are post wash. I’ve meant to wash more frequently with this pair, but this is only the third plus the initial hot soak. Mainly, I’m the problem as I still like washing in the tub by hand vs machine. And with a young child, work, life, just don’t always have the time to dedicate to that. The photos don’t look a lot different I think but they certainly look lighter in person. Five more months to go! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s continuing evolution!
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    I keep forgetting to update too. Or slack on doing so. Happy one year plus a bit, pretty cool to see everyone’s pairs coming along. Here are mine at 290 days, washed em again after this and they’re still drying. Might be in need of a few repairs soon. Looks like the left knee, rear pocket (due to phone), and combs are all wearing thin. I’ve been reading a few how tos on sashiko, and may try that.
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    Freshly repaired and washed, straight out the dryer.. Warehouse fabrics seem to love a washer dryer sesh DDS1003XX 43 model
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    Journal Standard / Tellason Flannel / TCB 40s / Excelsiors
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    Runabout Starborn Runabout denim chinos RW 10877
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    Briefly it got cool enough here for jeans & a jacket. Now it's back to shorts weather but I made the most of it while it lasted. Cap - MF Jacket - Labour Union (an impulse buy from Markkt) Jeans - TCB 40s Boots - vintage Chippewa
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    I Picked up a pair of the warehouse 1001 jeans and a pack of samurai black tshirts yesterday. The rougher denim is a nice contrast to my 47s which is def a more uniform fabric.
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    Nothing much to show in terms of wear but I've really been enjoying wearing these and it's been super slow around here lately 1001xx 25th 50's Little bit of blue coming through here and there And a bonus pic of my awesome belt made by @Duke Mantee
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    Navy issued hat, carhartt, atlast, clinch.
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    This is a first for me - I never had a pair of jeans getting re - hairy haha. I guess it’s the weft wearing off in a weird way. On a short hike with the ol’ mountain goat
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    Buzz Challenger Buzz Wesco
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    Definite chill in the air now Vintage usmc deck vest Conmers S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1
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    getting chilly for the last two days here in oregon. today i’m wearing: ship john hat/jacket big heavy iron heart hoodie (i love this thing) mister freedom lot 64 hawaii jeans and john lofgren m43s
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    stetson tcb40jkt baker pants 70's
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    wearing warehouse tux (jacket is DSB and jeans are 1001xx banner denim) plus lofgren m43s
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    Today as the thread name suggests
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    stetson Hollywood ranch market wrangler 13mwz
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    I’ve been terrible about update post. Here are 2 pics from yesterday. I will make time soon to take more detailed photos.
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    I'm happier than I look Vintage ww2 deck vest Warehouse ( Big Yank ) chambray Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Vans Love this vest , the alpaca is soo warm
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    I'll raise you with my ensemble from a few years ago. Any challengers to my crown?
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    Checking in so as not to get out of the habit... At Last x 2 / Butchers Products / Viberg
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    Fasty nasty pix
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    Lots of faded indigo pics today... Reliance Garments Guideboat Co Made in America Indigo Shawl collar sweatshirt Seiko 5 Levi's 501 STF (12 years on and off) Polo socks Thrashed Horween shell Longwings over due for a resole Never heard of the maker before but it has a great vintage fit and the rope dyed indigo terry is fading beautifully. Look at those sleeve combs!