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    He’s got his own little training space around the corner from my work in an old industrial building
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    SC tux RMC T-shirt Asteroflex
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    Today came new acquisition from Germany. SC 1966 originally owned by @beautiful_FrEaK and now under my protection Thank you Tillman, I'll take care for them. Promise. sorry for very simple quick done fit pics. next will do better
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    Hi, i am New here and would like to start with a question. I recently stumbled upon an Acronym sample, J97-M and purchased it. Are samples quite common? Is this legit? And could somebody help me with a wash tag, Since mine hasn’t one? Regards K.
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    Not a big fan of all the fiddling with proven designs either, but the bib/apron is a cycling feature. If you're from a city where cycling is your main mode of transport, the leg flaps are super useful to keep your pants from getting soaked. IYKYK.
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    You might like the 1956 661xx if you don't have enough 60s style tapered pairs yet 56 661 51 601
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    Now from the Day one.... With Type II 1953. complete SC tuxedo....
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    Where did i get up to...? who knows Nether Edge today.. (en route to buy some tennis balls) the leafy burbs between the previously mentioned Abbeydale Road and previously mentioned Kenwood Sugar Mountain was brought up around here, remember him? i think he moved to HK Anyway, here goes.. heading to Montgomery Road An old Robin Reliant.. you could drive these 3 wheelers on a motorbike licence because they were considered a trike.. most working-class folks did in the 70s Zeds Wholefoods.. on the same row of shops is Bench and Cafe9 ..past some red brick There is a strong climbing community around Nether Edge.. a few of my friends live around here, they used to live in shared houses/bedsit land.. with no actual income or proof of.. they got self-cert mortgages in the early 90's and just rented rooms out to friends to cover their mortgage costs allowing them to live rent free so they could climb every day in the Peaks. It worked and they went on to buy 2 or 3 more houses (which other folk paid for) when Nether Edge was a bit more down at heel.. now they've almost retired, f'kin wankers! Sheffield Bridge Club est 1936 ..past lotte an urban beach coffee shop?? ..i know right! ..back through Kenwood ..and off home
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    Momotaro x 2 Shirt came yesterday
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    FW WW2 tux (crispy jacket needs settling down) / Viberg
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    I just got this jacket last week and haven't washed it yet so I can't say how it does with water or age quite yet. That being said, I have had TFH's type II jacket for 10 years which is made from the same Pioneer denim and it ages wonderfully. Loads of pics online if you want to see how this denim fades. Typically this will shrink a bit with a hot wash but then stretch back out to the original size in areas that get stretched - just like jeans. Washing will create some nice crinkles in the fabric on the collar and waistband which creates some really nice character. I love the fit on these, it's a slim fitting type III that tapers from the shoulders to a pretty slim waist. The sleeves are also nice and slim which gives it a more modern feel. The body is a little bit longer than the Type II and hits just below the belt which makes it great to wear with an untucked shirt underneath. I wear these TTS - I'm 5'8", 155lbs and wear a sz 40. Some sample pics of it fitting me. Forgive the wrinkled shirt, I untucked it for the photo...
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    Take a walk on the wide side... FW Obbi Good Full Count Paraboot
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    I honestly think that some models should be left alone. That new collar is really more practical and better looking? Is that stupid hat really better than proper hood? What if I already wear a hat, should I put a hat on a hat? Hood on a snap buttons? Good luck trying not to lose it, because your jacket will be ruined if you do (how many metropolis jackets people tried to sell without hoods? And they’re using zipper). Apron is whatever, since it’s detachable. Sad to see one of the best acronym jackets ruined like that. Literally zero upgrades, just useless features.
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    Their denim(s) shrink a lot … but very consistently to the wash version sizes. War denim here
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    Jeez - what’s the obsession with ‘puckering’? That’s all due to the thread tension and the fabric choice - certainly not something that makes sense comparing to some other random pair that will have be built in a different factory, on different machines, with different thread and different fabric. Washing regimes will play a part - especially using a dryer as @julian-wolf mentioned - but that aside it’s really just down to how the materials have been used. @vlad_III what you see on your jeans is normal - and different from your other pair of jeans which are also normal Here’s my 601RB just out of a wash:
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    30s leepros after a quick wash on our last day travelling in mexico. I love the colour and fit of these more the older the get, probably about 6 months of actual wear now.
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    Thought I’d blow the dust of me Cushman:
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    Here are some nice shots of the late 1880's Levis that sold fo $76,000, once owned by our very own @Sansome1877
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    Spotted on my road today, a pink (and cream) Cadillac to warm the cockles of Bruce’s heart. To be honest, I thought it was Natalie Cole’s song till I looked it up. The second photo is much further afield but still within dog-walking range (just off Portobello Rd) but has a tenuous pastel colour link EDIT: I think this is a Mercury rather than a Cadillac.
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    Got this 3/4 47s from my friend
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    Meanwhile up in The North: chipped in for the Valentine’s Day Dance we put up for the community - made some cocktails… came home by 04:00 in the morning. will try to link a video…

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