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    Ooe x Bandanna Almanac deep blue overalls... 5 years in but not nearly enough days in them yet... more to come...
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    runabout goods brander wrangler 13MWZ Pro rodeo JK Boots
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    Not today but don't tell anyone... same old, nearly... At Last x 2 / Freewheelers / Duke Mantee belt / Viberg (but not the shoes this fine belt was bought for )
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    this thread needs a bump of some wel worn beat up FW. Here’s my trusty 43s.
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    Managed to get in an order with this fella Woods Mountain for a pair of his one-man-effort denim military pants A familiar tale... he does Japan-only sales, no shipping overseas, never responded to my messages tut tut The pants had been out of stock for ages but it seemed on IG he was making them again between 11th and 14th so I camped on his site, but no joy Then seen he'd actually been meeting in person for Japan sales on these dates. Then online sales opened up on 15th... it turned out for 1 day only I signed up with From Japan (at that point I thought they all would mark the shipping costs). However I didn't expect them to deliver as it was very late in the day... until a few hours later From Japan confirmed the order... result! And now to forget about them for 6 weeks until they're ready to ship - looking forward to them though PS - the pics are screenshots from tatsunosuke Instagram
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    One of my favorites that I missed, good stuff there Michael!
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    Type 743 pullover hanging on the line to dry
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    Realized I was basically the last person to post. Wish Imperial was still around, something about their box-y shape that I love. Here's a few close ups:
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    Picked up my BSPs that have been sitting in SELA's window for the last 3 years (I think, man time flies). Though it was a good opportunity for some more pictures. Love how one of the buttons was coming out of its pressing a bit. I also love how the arcuate on the left pocket has actually gone, thread-wise, but the remnants of color are still there. originally I did start writing down Soaks and Washes but after a while, I was doing so many, didn't really matter. The chain stitching is "bloating" out of the waistband too.
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    Just want to S/O this user. Great communication and fast shipper.
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    Killing time in MF, Clutch x Burgos Plus, Novesta the jeans are 9oz and much wider then I thought, great for running around in and good ol’ lounging.
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    Alpha Ind Henley // Nigel Cabourn Suspender // RRL Pants // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    Been in these 01s since June. XX2 denim is good me likey
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    At Last Co. 147 Jacket Pike Brothers Tee Duke belt San Antonio LVC '55s
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    dug out a little something I got from Neal a while ago. Triple R, fit like a charm. Texture is similar to Evisus tiger selvedge No. 1, but with lighter feel to it.
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    So I picked these up from a vintage store here in Berlin and I was hoping some Valencia St. wizards could shed more light on them. They look to be pre-LVC 60s repros, but I wasn't aware that Levi's did 60s repros at the time... Have you guys seen pairs like this before? Also, any idea where the denim comes from? Any clues would be great. Thank you!
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    I hear ya ooms. Here's the 44 for direct comparison (fresh after their wash). I think the 42 is "perfect" for summer with a t-shirt underneath and the 44 is better once I wear sweaters again.
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    @Graytrain your fit pics don't show up I was always on the fence if my Type2 is slightly too big (size 44) and luckily I found the same model by Shins with the leather patch in a size 42. For 5.000¥ I just couldn't pass them. Also in a better condition Unbuttoned Buttoned up
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    After a wash: They fit great!
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    I came across a great-looking pair of pre-lawsuit 3005xx on Grailed that I just had to share here. To me, this is pretty much the ideal fade.
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    Took some photos last week of my old lot 401 Hawaii Indirect natural light—color is pretty true
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    I too have been looking for a 3A7TS for some time. Acronym's business model of "forced scarcity" really pisses me off sometimes. There is no reason not to re-introduce the backpack from time-to-time. Show a little consideration for your customers EH!

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