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    pike jacket, since 2013
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    blacksmith, since 2014
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    It must have been a month and a half (maybe more) since I could comfortably wear anything but shorts and went for the Orslow deck denim, thin and loose and easy faders In a similar thin and loose style I picked up the Mister Freedom Raiders denim, looking forward to putting some wear into them now that the weather (for the moment) is cooler:
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    One for @MJF9 - bridle leather around 9-10oz but a slightly narrower width of 32mm with a matte finish nickel plate brass buckle. A little bit ‘dressier’ I think and has been polished and conditioned within an inch of its life, with painted edges (pretty much any raw area was painted out) to give a soft sheen that hopefully is what he was looking for.
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    Just saw a notification from Standard & Strange, I’ve got 3 pairs of theirs already so I’m good but if anyone else interested now’s your chance: New Ooe Yofukuten jeans go live at 9am Friday Morning! Save this link, it's where the jeans will go live tomorrow. Attention! The latest batch of Ooe Yofukuten's OA01 Fit has landed in store, and is releasing online tomorrow! Deliveries from Ooe are infrequent, as only two sets of hands touch each pair during production, marking a drop like this as a special occasion. This email serves as your advanced warning: New jeans go live tomorrow morning (Friday, August 26th) at 9:00am Pacific time! These are made from Ooe's new XX4 denim. The product of years upon years of research, these are a 13.5oz, 100% cotton, 7x7 selvedge denim with a white ID, loomed in Japan exclusively for Ooe, and to their exact specifications. The warp threads are dyed with a green-cast indigo, specifically chosen to age like sample fabrics from the 1940s - with gray weft threads selected for the same purpose. Slightly hairy and surprisingly soft (even while raw) these are a comfortable mid-weight fabric that fades relatively quickly and can be worn almost year-round. The OA01 is one of our favorite denim fits of all time. A mid-century fit, with a medium high rise, relaxed top block, full thighs, and comfortable straight legs (that taper almost imperceptibly to a roomy leg opening), it's handsome on virtually anyone. They're sewn up in a classic five pocket configuration, featuring hidden rivets at the rear pockets and exposed ones on the front - the lemon yellow thread is 100% cotton, since fabric this nice deserves equally impressive stitching
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    Mosquito Creek & Molar Pass, soaking wet but plenty happy Tilley / Bubo / Sassafras / Hoggs of Fife
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    Bubo isn’t ‘sportswear’ except in the loosest sense. But you’re right ‘sportswear’ doesn’t convey the whole story; Ultima Thule is focused on a modern outdoor sporting aesthetic - perhaps you could say it’s FW take on Patagonia or somesuch, but in some cases they’ve also tried to mix and match modern fabrics with what might be thought of as garments with a historical backdrop (i.e. the styles of clothes you’d normally expect to see from FW), which I think was to help gain acceptance with this new direction.
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    I was curious to see how quickly the OA01xx 0522 would sell out. The jeans showed up online at 9:01am for me and all sizes were available. I checked out the size 38, but didn't buy since I have a pair in the xx2 denim. By 9:02am the 3 largest sizes were sold out. These puppies went fast! For what it's worth, the pair I purchased years ago had been returned to S&S a couple weeks after an Ooe drop. Keep an eye on their site starting in a week or so to monitor for returned stock. Alternatively, someone inevitably fucks up sizing with these jeans, so check the SuFu and Reddit "for sale" threads and Grailed over the next few weeks.
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    Papa Nui, UES, Patagonia with DIY indigo dye job, Vans…
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    A few more Yahoo Auctions finds. Been finding a lot of stuff in my size for cheap!
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    There are still Japanese shops like Barnstormer which will get these jeans as well.
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    Freewheelers, TCB, Sugar Cane would be my go-tos. Runners-up, when I was looking a few years ago, were Dawson and Indigofera. ^ Joe McCoy has some, but only in a slim fit
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    What you really need is a 30s repro novelty belt
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    Nearly every time you post a new "simple" belt I am thinking: Yes! I need it
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    Who is making some cool black denim? I know of the Freewheelers 601 in black and sugar cane. But I’ve been itching for a some black jeans.
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    A belt for @mister_stantastic on IG. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a paisley pattern studded belt … until now A 9oz Walpier Buttero Rocky strap adorned with steel spots and cobra overlays in navy and wine, finished with a nickel plated Japanese brass buckle and vintage Japanese coin:
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    Tilley / The Flat Head / Warehouse / White’s
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    More of the same... Well Dressed Head / FW Ironalls / Hollows / At Last / Viberg
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    you could also be thinking of the 'Student' line? This might be better in the Evisu Is Still Loved thread
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    @UkeNo here's a fit pic of the jungle fatigues, I only have them slightly cinched at the bottom. I also have them pulled way up in this photo, there's a ton of rise so they can be worn a little lower for the extra length. I'm 6'3" for reference.
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    This for @Suitedupmon who wanted something that I’d never seen as a belt pattern before - the inspiration was an antique trunk c.1675-1700 housed in the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. Which led to this: The leather is a 9-10oz full grain veg tanned buffalo which has been sanded to give a ‘sueded’ feel - you can see the hair follicles and the overall feel, I think, is very much in keeping with the inspiration having an immediate antique look. The edges haven’t been treated as much as I’d normally do and again I think this is more sympathetic to the surface finish. The buckle is Japanese brass and the tail has my trademark vintage coin. Far and away this is the most spots I’ve ever added to a belt - probably almost twice the norm and I was getting a bit ‘stud-blind’ but overall I think it was worth the loss of eyesight … which I hope isn’t permanent
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    Been out the denim game for a while but always fancied a pair of No 1. Struck gold on Vinted. £60.
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