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    stetson Hollywood ranch market wrangler 13mwz
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    Runabout Starborn Runabout denim chinos RW 10877
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    A 16 km hike or so, and my usual boots was soaked yesterday on another hike, so most definitely not the most put together outfit. I am however looking for comments on the hat. I like it very much, but people have told me its a bit much. edit: HW Dog hat Tender jacket NASA tshirt Bronson Asics shoes
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    Casting a long shadow... Vintage hat Vintage Hanes t-shirt from Denim Brotherhood Tender belt FW Prospector pants Novesta
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    Buzz Challenger Buzz Wesco
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    Just received a package from Seiichiro at Hoosier, best service out there! Foreman (cotton linen blend in black), Montauk (hemp cotton blend, leaf green) and M-1941 chinos in camel. Photos taken early this morning, so lighting is a little wonky. Washing the M-1941's now, will get some fit pics up afterwards. Just to give you an idea of the service that Seiichiro provides, I asked him if he had a spare button for my Slingshot as it fell off recently. Even though I didn't buy the shirt from him he agreed, and on top of that sent me 6 different color threads...
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    Freshly repaired and washed, straight out the dryer.. Warehouse fabrics seem to love a washer dryer sesh DDS1003XX 43 model
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    I posted a while back (looked and it was in January! Doesn’t seem like that long ago…) that I found a minimally worn Liberty CPO on eBay that was missing a button. I finally got around to making and attaching a new one today. Used a deer antler shed I found while hiking, which seemed true to the spirit of the shirt. Realized that I don’t have a great selection of hand tools for working on stuff that size. Probably would’ve been quicker if so but still only took 1.5 hrs or so. Went back and forth on how many holes to make for attachment- two seemed too few and four had me worried it would weaken the antler too much. I decided on three. When do you ever see a three holed button? Plus just read a book about SEALS and the trident pin. Some procedurals and the final product(not quite in the correct order):
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    Breaking down and soaking the 1927-here are some pics of them raw. Hopefully the 03 will come soon in the mail.
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    cottle / mf lot 64 midnight / tender boots
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    Thanks everyone. The Osees were fantastic! (and very very loud!) Had to change into my eyeball tee (I love visual puns) for the show. P.S. The boots didn't hurt too much!
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    nothing is ever too much everything finds itself in use and context too much for the bathroom may be not enough for the great outdoors... nice hat btw
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    Nothing much to show in terms of wear but I've really been enjoying wearing these and it's been super slow around here lately 1001xx 25th 50's Little bit of blue coming through here and there And a bonus pic of my awesome belt made by @Duke Mantee
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    Kind of a tux? Tonight I'm going to my first real music venue since all this madness started to see psych garage rockers Thee Oh Sees/Osees. Vaccine cards and masks are required and I'm super excited to rage. I'm road testing my old boots to see if I can wear them in the pit. Vintage 70s Rio Tee Hand made? denim vest Orange tab 517s Vintage "Made in USA" cowboy boots (can't find any other identifiable markings)
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    LVC "NO FUN" Eyeball tee Mick Rock Raw Power Japan thanks to the discount rack at UO LEVI'S Orange tab Action Jeans "With a Skoosh more Room" Spicoli slips Contemplating the boot cut... Love the 3D arcuates on these.
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    Dice Magazine tshirt Trophy Wesco
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    Worn 33 unworn 34
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    OK not today… a few pics cobbled together from a stay in the big smoke We do like a good old mooch and munch in the metropolis En route to Brick Lane Since @Maynard Friedman and @fre-co recommended it an age ago, I’ve been waiting to get stuck into Biegel Bake Yes indeed the salt beef doorsteps on fresh in-house baked biegels (noting the spelling) are top-notch! And yes Maynard the pickled herring was pretty good too Eye-catching shopfront, with loitering local hooligans Sushi Atelier in Mayfair superb as ever FTW, as they say Carnaby – my covert route into Moscot on Beak Street for some new bins Thames Clipper from Westminster down to Greenwich And a view across the city from Greenwich observatory, plenty on the skyline for the eagle-eyed to pick out
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    Dry Cleaning has been one of the musical highlights of my year so far
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    Not only today and not always in jeans.. sometimes shorts Taking a leaf out of Tilmann's book.. Ive took the last couple of weeks off work and rather than join the herds ive had a busman's holiday renovating my kids attic room. The chimney had a water leek down the internal chimney breast, you might remember me dangling from a rope, up on the roof, fixing it last summer it sent the metal corner beading rusty and cracked the plaster so ive ripped it out, replaced it and replastered the walls, ripped the carpet up and repaired all the broken floorboards, ripped the old balustrade out around the stairs which of course left gaping holes in the wall which also needed reskimming. Gave everything a few coats of emulsion and painted the 2x chimney breasts in F&B.. my kid's choice of colour... i dunno, elephant scrotum or something. While i was rebuilding the balustrade in Scandanavian ply, i bought enough to make him a desk. It's my take on a console desk/table with curved legs. It took me 4hrs to make and 5hrs to paint/lacquer it Next to the drawer, it has a mini slide out laptop table for a lower typing height The cat likes to lay on the plinth at the top of the stairs so i incorperated some random holes to let the light through and the bottom two are for him to access his favourite spot. I'm stood about halfway down the room here, there is a double bed behind me, so the chimney breast you see in blue.. there is another one at the other end of the room for the chimney on the front of the house... also a massive Velux to let the light in. While i was at it, i made him a little clothing rack on castors for his school uniform, using some extruded metal bar, indudtrial style it's hard to fit wardrobes up the tight staircase. Signature smiley face which i machined into the replacement loft hatch, the old one was a piece of shit tongue and groove chipboard Just painting some shelves which i made from the left over bits of ply ..and there you have it, 10 days well spent!.. well 9 really, i had a day off to go watch sexy Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy .. Just got to go buy a carpet to cover up the patchwork floor and i'll order his new furniture, we sunk all of our dosh into the house move so his current bed, fucked as it is was only £50 from The British Heart Foundation charity shop.. ..and that included delivery!!
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    Tried my hand at reupholstering my old bike saddle for my dads vintage peugeot project. Not bad for the first time imo.
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    OA1927-BS jeans. Same Cone used as the 01's previously posted, but with some nice 20's details and a different cut. I've been meaning to add a pair of 20's to my collection since the TCB contest debacle, these seemed like a fitting replacement. Not sure how historically accurate they truly are, but they do tick a lot of the boxes that I associate with 20's era jeans. Highlights include: lightweight denim belt loops, exposed back rivets, cinch, suspender buttons, crotch rivet, higher coin pocket positioning, exposed internal seams on the fly and front pocket openings, snaggletooth stitch on the back pockets. Vintage experts let me know if there's anything missing.
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    These will be 6 years old in December. Distressed smooth bounty hunter, 1 resole after 4 years. Used for work 5 days a week.
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    So, despite these two denims being referenced as XX-27 from Cone they feel very different. The OA version is a lot more rough, while Roy's version is smoother. The color of the OA version is a lot brighter blue, while Roy's version is more muted/dark. Here are some comparison photos, OA on top and Roy below. I think the last two photos do the best job representing the variance. Roy left, OA right: OA on top, Roy below: Roy up front, OA behind: