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    very nice all! laundry day brings beef jerky and more granular baby fades...
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    Still too hot for jeans here but I did a hand wash on the 40s today which i think brightened them up a bit.
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    SC // Tees // WH // Viberg X IH
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    Just had my vintage Lotus Veldtschoen rebuilt by the Shoe Healer. Excuse the quick iphone snap. They had the leather originals in pretty good condition but they separated. These make a really good contrast to my Sargents, which are chunkier all round. Every day wear for my walks over the heath to school, especially for those rainy days when the buses all disappear. Thanks to Ben, who helped source these, and was the first to try out the Shoe Healer. Had all my shoes redone by them over the last couple of years now I am a salaryman
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    Update on #46-been wearing more sporadically but I’m liking how they are looking. No tears or holes yet-going strong. Roping looking good, whiskers on the hips for sure. Countless washes, no dryer only line dry.
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    Some really impressive fades in this thread! This is my pair after 300 or so wears. It's hard to capture the true color, but the jeans are definitely more "blue" all over than before. They're also due for a crotch repair, so I'll try to get some detail pics up soon.
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    Been such a long time since I've posted on here (ban lol). Didn't get the chance to share these so here they are. Eternal 811 sufu contest edition - wash every 3 mo. RJB 103bsp - minimal washes. both retired.
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    Took some new pictures of my Denimbridge 2nd. Havn’t worn them for quite a while now. Think these were from his first run of the 2nd model. Can definitely see myself getting another pair in the same cut.
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    A few more i took Iron Hearts Samurai s5000bk More Samurai plus Edwin
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    OK not today… a few pics cobbled together from a stay in the big smoke We do like a good old mooch and munch in the metropolis En route to Brick Lane Since @Maynard Friedman and @fre-co recommended it an age ago, I’ve been waiting to get stuck into Biegel Bake Yes indeed the salt beef doorsteps on fresh in-house baked biegels (noting the spelling) are top-notch! And yes Maynard the pickled herring was pretty good too Eye-catching shopfront, with loitering local hooligans Sushi Atelier in Mayfair superb as ever FTW, as they say Carnaby – my covert route into Moscot on Beak Street for some new bins Thames Clipper from Westminster down to Greenwich And a view across the city from Greenwich observatory, plenty on the skyline for the eagle-eyed to pick out
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    Another wash for the 43s, they are grainy and full of depth now
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    cottle / warehouse DD-1003XX
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    Not much variation during summer Levi's - Resolute - Vans
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    Fit pic from a pretty recent trip to Kullaberg in southern Sweden, one of my favorite places around these parts. It has been a busy summer as me and my girlfriend had a son in June and I finished my master studies just last week when I defended my thesis I even wore the S40s when our son was delivered so they are extra special to me now!
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    Wow, that,s cool @Thanks_M8 my dialectic didn’t,t pick up what country it is. my boy and did our annual bike trip again. We ride about 50 km and camp for two nights. I first started doing trips with him when he was about 4 or 5. I would rent a bike locally and ride around with him thru the area. the last few yrs he rides himself, we have loads of fun. We were spoiled the last few summers with the weather , this last few days it was a bit wet. Non the less we swam and threw a frisbee quite a few times.
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    Bit of blue starting to show on the Nippers Production of almost finished so all goes well the site should be up in a few weeks , can't wait to get started
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    My collab gbg001 jeans that I made with Göteborg Manufaktur and Denimbridge. This was the final sample pair so I think I’ve had them for a little over two years now.
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    Well, I haven’t made shoes yet, but I did make myself a backpack.

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