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    Atlast co, mr freedom, atlas co, vans
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    Here’s my pair #46 in size 31 raw, washed countless times. They hold their color!
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    warehouse 80's baker pants clarks
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    While I’m at it, some initial shots of the Flame Panda #206 Breaking these in is gonna be rough. The leather is thick and very stiff. It has a great sheen to it, though, & I’m really looking forward to seeing how it ages. Peng shipped them with two pairs of waxed cotton laces (one flat & one round), but given how chunky the boots turned out I think they’ll be a good fit for these black raw hide laces from White’s. The construction is very clean. All of the stitching is at very consistent intervals, and coincident seems line up with corner perfectly. The edges at the bottoms of the quarters aren’t burnished super straight, but that’s the only plausible imperfection I can come up with. Overall, they really are immaculate.
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    Here you go mate. Forgot to post them before. Quite the strong taper from the knee on. Size W34 One-wash Waist: 33.5" Front rise: 12.5" Back rise: 16.5" Thighs: 13" Knee: 10" Leg opening: 8.25" Inseam: 34.25"
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    Beat Up Old Warp Records Tee Junky 46's Batterd Vans with cats on
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    Got the size 34 in one-wash. Definitely need a hem, these come in at 34".
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    Freewheelers Bakehead from 2012 and 601xx from 2013
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    Me,my train and my Sugar Cane (47) are ready for use !
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    I had Rain at IndigoProof add a small tool pocket on the left leg of my 132.
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    Agree with the comments @Dr_Heech - great fit. Here’s a little update on my shacket:
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    It’s just a coincidence of events - the English are away celebrating being European Champions, the Americans are away celebrating the fact they don’t need to listen to the English anymore, and everyone else is pretty much in agreement with the American approach in listening to the English
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    Can't remember Sufu ever being so quiet as it is lately. Probably not much new stuff. Same for my outfit
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    Two shipments in one day! Very excited for these three, all courtesy of fashion_daikou The Bushmaster shorts, in particular, are a real joy—more photos forthcoming
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    17th wash and dry. I have worn these jeans every day since the start of the contest. That streak will end until I can get the crotch reinforced. I don’t think it will hold up much longer.
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    New(ish) sweatshirt from Yahoo / channeling the cultpop ethos Heller’s / Cane’s / Tricker’s
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    runabout vacation shirt runabout denim vanguard chinos
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    Some quick snaps of a fit courtesy of my son, whilst on our morning stroll. Would've put this in the WAYWT but as soon as l got home, l took all this off and donned my usual vest top and shorts combo. Too hot mostly between May and September here now so rarely wear jeans all day
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    Some quick and dirty pics of my Warehouse 1915 'belt loop model" after the arcs were unpicked and they were washed. Denim shrunk loads as expected (after a 40 degree with very low spin) and now they fit perfectly. Will try and get a fit pic sorted down the road at some point. Patch got a little surface damage but as an old school Levis affectionado, it just adds to the charm imo.
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    Shirt LVC Jeans 60s levis