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    Washed today I’m very happy I think I pull the trigger at the right time to get some nice details there still wet so they should pop a bit more.
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    Warehouse / TCB / Red Wing
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    Inverallan 2 arrows TCB 60s Paraboot
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    Runabout Goods Jacket FW 1943 Whites Perry Moc Toe
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    Feltraiger, Uniqlo, Warehouse, Converse
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    Filson Runabout Goods Jacket Rising Sun Yukon Jeans Whites Perry Moc Toe
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    wash your jeans often mine are good example. I wash every 2-3 weeks and use a dryer sometimes... they’ve gotten to that point where after a wash today I was like. Wow. These really came to life all of the sudden
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    Samurai x tcb x Novesta
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    bronson ’qlo ooe paraboot
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    Poten flat head flannel strike gold hoodie roy R01Sail birkenstocks
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    u know what you have to do now, right?
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    So as promised, here's my M-44's. These are based on an actual pair made during WW2 (pair #24 in the 501XX book) and were custom made for @beautiful_FrEaK. He sold them to me when they became too big for him, after l thought l'd finally solved the mystery that is CSF sizing (l hadn't) so they are a looser fitting jean than my 41's in the same size (hence the beef jerky patch which helps tighten the waist). They are all yellow stiched (different grades and stitch counts sewn on different vintage machines obviously) apart from the coin pocket top stitch, which is peach. The pockets are made of a lighter weight denim and the crotch has a rivet in it where Levis actually removed this back in 1942. They are a perfect clone of a unique pair of Levis imo. Will let the pics do the talking..
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    Went a month without washing while i started a construction job - after washing early this morning they’re back to being covered in mud and drywall dust
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    Please enjoy these 1101s I've been wearing for the last 1.5 years with frequent washing. These are from the last time the standard 1101s were produced. For the last few years it's been either Duck Digger or used-wash versions. I included an imgur link with a full album since resizing images is no longer required. https://imgur.com/a/Yb3Cm0W Check out the horizontal texture in some of the close ups. I have a few Banner denim pieces and these are unique amongst them.
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    Laundry day Tender Co. / Tailor Orgueil / Hollows / Cane's / Red Wing &: TCB, TFH, Leroy
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    TCB 50s
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    Been a while since I posted on SuFu! Bought myself a pair of 60s 3 years ago, which had wear on and off. I just washed them whenever they needed to be fresh again. Repairs were made by hand. There are still some spots that need some work, especially in the yoke area where the fabric is getting thin.