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    Post wash fit Could have maybe done with an inch shorter inseam but other than that I'm really happy with them
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    The grain on this jacket is something else. I don't know if it's gotten more pronounced, but I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see it.
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    They look great Ryan, the fit around the arse is one of the best ive seen, heck it's almost as good as mine
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    Check these out, pair of 1995 deadstock 1001XXs. Currently has 7 active bids, ¥89,100...
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    Today. Although I don't have any noticeable fading on my jeans - I still really liking the very dark inky (almost black) colour they are at the moment, and the shape/way they hang.
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    @Maynard Friedman seems your favourite crooner borrowed my gear for a photo shoot - something that @smoothsailor described as a fighter pilot going fishing in heavy weather Freewheelers Watch Cap, Deck Jacket, Thermal and Bib Overalls
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    Not much to give an update on. My desk job life doesn’t lead to great fades. 3rd trip through the wash and dryer.
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    Fit pics with the liner, although I think the majority of the time I'll be wearing it without just because it doesn't get all that cold.
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    I also got my Type 900 in, it's a real winner. I also went with a size 4, I think it fits well. The sleeves are a tad short, but I think once the denim settles down from the woad dyeing creases they will be fine. This is my first article of Tender clothing outside of a type 208 Spiral belt, I'm sure it won't be my last.
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    Just got my new M-46 Like the new guarantee ticket , replaces the old laminated certificate I think Really like the coin pocket shape And some olive herringbone pockets I'll get fit pics and whatnot later
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    Samurai S5000VX 20 Anniversary Selvedge 36 raw
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    My Samurais 510xx 19oz
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    50s, got these October 2017, lots of washes and one wallpaper removal. Getting soft as butter.
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    What I wish I was wearing today.. - (well I guess I was, but with a cagoule over it) - Flathead shirt,TCBWW2 jeans and old William Lennon boots (my first pair sadly on their final legs...)
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    My phone was digging through the left pocket bag. Used some indigo dyed fabric and thread. I usually make quite a few stitches at a time with the needle so as to get a neat, straight row but the fabric is so thick and densely weaved that I just managed 2 stitches before pulling the thread through. Looks ok anyways I guess.
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    Got a few double-takes/wtf out walking in the park FW lockdown loungewear / Viberg
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    Getting some steady wear now the weather has cooled off. Not sure if I can expect any dramatic fading as the fit is loose. They are leaving a lot of blue on the furniture though. Still resisting the urge to wash....
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    Haha! Square grand pianos. They're about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Cool spot though.
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    Cool store exclusive (it seems) at Desolation Row. Of course, not for us Yankees as EMS is still not shipping here: https://desolation-row.stores.jp/items/5faa1ec8b00aa356bd0e6417
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    not the best lighting but tried to capture my 800’s. Purchased from BiG maybe 5-6 years ago? I don’t really recall. Probably my fav pair I’ve ever owned.
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    i put my 666UHRs back on and off a couple of days each week between the in last indigo invitational and the start of the current. still my favourite pair by a mile. here hoping the 666-21L can pair beside it down the road.. washed it with some other pairs that i seldom wear and took some photos.