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    Universal Works Warehouse Buzz OrSlow Nike
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    Some Amekaji for today Ref: Goros/Bronson Mfg./Visvim
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    Magenta cap, Arket jacket, Russell Southern by John Lofgren after hoodie (For you Ed!), LVC55’s (Valencia st).
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    Quick stop at the shop to intercept some packages in my 2014 outfit. Buzz Rickson x William Gibson watch cap Iron Heart Sonny Vest Iron Heart IHSH-105 Quilted Flannel Iron Heart Socks Mister Freedom Midnight Lot 64 Vans Vault
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    Yes, the crotch looks indeed different, but that is probably the point of the whole cut, with all the excess material that comes with such a wide waist. At least i had no funny bulging so far (as known with the P30A). Wearing it a bit higher makes the crotch a bit less apparent, of course.
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    Not a pro at fitpics but here are a few of the new P35-DS. I'm 180cm / 75kg wearing a Size M together with a custom Enfin Leve Dryskin Shirt and Birkenstocks because, you know, staying at home anyways for how long it will be necessary. Full-Res pic here: https://imgur.com/a/JxzPEYZ
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    $300,000, but they came with a Lange Perpetual Calendar, five bottles of Pappy 23, some Myrrh, John Wayne's lost Red River D Belt Buckle, and the drum kit that John Bonham played in The Song Remains the Same that he did the Moby Dick drum solo on so it's a fair deal overall.
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    The J29 was always a nice blazer like silhouette
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    I’ve been standing outside Uniqlo for years waiting for someone to fight me
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    THE MAN HIMSELF HAS ARRIVED. For those unaware..
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    Has Freewheelers ever made a 46 model before? If not it looks like they are now: http://freewheelers.co.jp/blog/archives/24059 Google translate says this will be the same denim and cut as the 47, but will have mustard yellow stitching and buffalo check flannel pocket bags and seemingly more wonky stitching. Haven't seen any other photos so not sure what they will look like yet.
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    Moved back into my old bureau to isolate from the rest of my team (and other employees) TFH denim shirt Asket chinos Paraboots
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    Just picked up a pair of the "Prison Blues" work union jeans. Mt Vernon 15oz denim. I cant speak highly enough about the denim and Left Fields construction overall. Full outfit pictured: Salt & pepper work uniform jacket Dustbowl work shirt Work uniform jeans Left field tube socks Work uniform black pocket T-shirt PF Flyers.
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    P35-DS just came in. First impression: i like it a lot! For me its a really fresh aesthetic, its somehow both typical acrnm without looking like "that" classical techwear pant. Same as the P30A-DS, its waist is really wide, but with the crotch being shorter. It still allows to be worn both low- and high- waisted. I personally prefer to wear them a bit higher, which results in a "cropped" - 7/8 look (again liking this a lot!) as they are overall not too long (around 96cm size m). I will take some fit-pics as soon as i have the time to.
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    Oh please Mr. E, could you make me a blazer? Actually 2. One in S RAF, and another in Black DS. I promise I’ll leave you alone after that.
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    p35 looks great a little high like that for a cropped look but i will never be okay with that tuxedo line down the side lol
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    Pretty wild to see all these usernames again. How's everyone holding up? These are very surreal times we're in. I'm stuck in Athens, fairly bored, hoping for all this to end soon so we can go back to (somewhat) normal life again.
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    @dudewuttheheck thanks - the deerskin is more comfortable that the horsehide and goatskin jackets I have. Seems to feel lighter in wearing it, although it’s not in actuality, most likely because it’s more pliable. It does show stains, especially grease-marks, much more readily but then it’s a much more porous material than the other leathers. I think it’s not the best match to other (black) leathers, and probably truer black fabrics, because of both texture and how the deerskin ‘takes’ dye - first pic is not the best but you might see what I mean. Texture is nice (second pic) but you’ll never see the type of creasing that you get on other hides ... if that’s your thing
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    Just for Ed, some Lofgren sneakers Freewheelers, RMC, CSF, Lofgren
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    Or try something like this...
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    I’m not a constant fiddler like you @peter1 but all of my more worn pairs have holes from cellphones and keys. As with all holes, start as early as possible. As soon as you see a hole starting to appear that’s when you should mend. The longer you wait the more labour intensive the mend will be. Here’s some examples of how I’ve mended some. At the beginning I mended as soon as a hole appeared but just that spot. Don’t do it. It just means you have to do it over and over like on these Flatheads: it’s better to attach a big peace of fabric that swings around both front and back of the pocket like on these old YMCs: Most resent attempt on my TCBs using anique sashiko thread. The other pocket on the same pair where a dense linen fabric swings around.
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    The Man from Del Monte!
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    Stepping out from the shadows after more time than I care to admit as a dedicated lurker here. Nowhere near the level seen above, but I want to share a 2002 I picked up from Yahoo at the beginning of the year. Bought it, basically in one wash condition, to replace a side panel 2002xx, which got pinched from a party not long ago. Gave it a wash when it got here, and I've been wearing it constantly since. Can't work out quite when this was made, even after consulting this thread and all the good info within it. Difficult to say whether it's banner denim without a side by side example, but it feels similar – crinkly and relatively even. Any tips welcome. Colour in direct light: Details: And a low light fit pic. Arms are a touch longer than my DD version, and I feel like the body might be too. Shoulders slightly dropped on both versions, which I don't mind.
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    Studio D'Artisan 40th Anniversary Charcoal Weft Jeans & Cobra Buckle Backpacks Two special releases from Studio D'Artisan this week! First off we have a new jean made of a denim developed as part of their 40th anniversary capsule collection. This is a 14oz slub yarn denim with a charcoal dyed weft. This gives the indigo denim a very unique shade from the slightly charcoal colored weft. These are available in their straight tapered fit. We've also received a small run of nylon and Cobra buckle backpacks. They've done these in conjunction with a bag-maker in Japan which specializes in ballistic nylon bags made with fancy buckles and buttons. These are super functional and have some cool SDA branding. Shop Studio D'Artisan Online
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    My 'work uniform' from last year.. Warehouse 2001XX SC47's (2004era) In shade Direct sunlight