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    A rare post by me, but i wanted to show of my Natural CXL lofgrens after a years worth of wear. Worn a lot, conditioned once a month - seen all the kilometers on my motorcycle.
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    Tokyo hemp connection hat Uniqlo jacket Samurai jeans Viberg boots Yakushima Island
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    Freshly washed in the morning sun. Getting there, they even have slight honeycombs despite the often washing.
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    Sugar Cane Okinawa SC40301, countless washes and I can’t remember its age. One of my favorite fabric and cut.
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    RMC / Hillside / At Last x 2 / Lofgren
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    Ok guys, last day today and a happy Halloween. New photo threads for final submissions will be up tomorrow both here and on the IH forum, along with the email address for voting. For your final submissions I would suggest... Current condition pics Evolution pics Detail pics Your favourite pics from the last two years, which can be any travel you have done or just your favourite fun shots you have taken. Well done to all that made it, and I’ll be checking that you did make the full two years, let’s get this thing done! Mega
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    Here’s it being worn 3 months back when I was in South Africa, doing some climbing.
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    Didn't mean to show off the belt but it happened, t-shirt must've gotten hung up on it. OrSlow military shirt. Lady White tee. Tender belt. Ooe DB01. John Lofgren Devil's Causeway.
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    On the boat back to Napoli. MFSC jacket, Samurai T, SC jeans.
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    His overall style always seems to look good. Recently dug through the thread and saw the HDO type 3 offered in Japan. That will likely be next on the list for me in awhile. I'm curious what denim he used for that one.
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    Lordy what a great thread. A pity so many of the old images are lost. Here’s my duck pullover I’ve shared in the LVC thread in the past. Perfect for this time of year.
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    SC40304 after a few months of wear and 5-6 washes.
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    WTS: J76-GT, Medium, Black; worn ~7 times, no signs of wear; 1200 USD
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    Evo Check: SExSC02 14.50z Double Ringspun
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    Dyed a pair of unborn socks (I think wool) in safflower a couple of weeks ago: Difficult to get the colors right with my phone camera; this is the closest I was able to get. Really happy with the results overall. This is after three or four days of wear.
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    And it's here! Terrific jacket, love it. The 60s fabric works great for a jackt. Not too light and not too heavy. Will try a photo reportage in the weekend. For now a crappy mirror fit pic from my messy bedroom.
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    @heyson looking great! Thank you so much. Are you painting or installing? The scribble makes it look like a Hodgkin. Lovely either way. Here are some detail photos, sent by a great friend of the brand, of his tan wattle dyed denim 129s. These are also slow to fade (as with the purple logwoods above), but are well worth the time- looking really special I think:
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    @UkeNo Me and my girlfriend live in a condo. So two times a year, spring and autumn all who have condos in the same neighborhood gather and clean the yard and then eat hot dogs. Quite a good way to get to know your neighbors since swedes generally (or at least me) don't really like to talk to people they don't know.
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    Orizzonti means it's made during the first ownership of Denime so they are probably made before 2000. Blue tabs mean they were made for the international market, namely the UK. The jeans should be some 66 model and the jacket could be made from XX denim as it features a leather patch. By the way, who wears a pair of the new Original Line models?
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    After soaking. As you can see, the shrinkage was significant. I was counting on a 5cm inseame, but it took almost 6.5cm. A bunch of folds near the crotch, but it's still uncrumpled denim. After the first soaking, some of the starch remains. The pants were standing. The grail is not found again, but I am satisfied with these jeans by 85%. On almost all Japanese jeans, I have these corner folds near the crotch. Or do I have such a figure, or the Japanese do not know how to cut?
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    Fit pic from mid-August 2019. This is how I wore them through the summer. Massive double cuff high-water's. Rarely wore shoes or socks this summer. Was freakin' hot! 6-ish weeks from last wash, and for another ride in the washing machine they go. They aren't really dirty as I've been a desk jockey the past couple of months. They'll get one more wash at the end before they're hung up for retirement. Not much noticeable change in fades since last post. The vent hole keep getting bigger.