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    Hi everyone! Tomorrow I will be wearing it for two months at work. Some parts of my car are dyed blue. I also wear tcb30's jkt in my work clothes. The cat embroidery is very nice.  When I took a picture, my daughter (cat) was peeking from the second floor. Hahaha It seems to be very cold this winter, so I collected firewood. I can get the scraps that can be made at the work site. I want a lot of firewood. Here are some of the things I usually use. It is a chisel bag that I have been using for about 10 years. The button is laurel. I ordered this from a jeans shop in Kochi to make it. And a smartphone case. And a smartphone case. This will be about 4 months. And jeans.
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    After what’s technically the fourth wash: Something is happening here, even for an (home) office rat like me. I guess it helps to have a puppy. I’ve worn the jeans all days since the start of the contest except for two Sundays spent in sweatpants and one day that called for more formal attire. Still love ‘em!
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    Getting some steady wear now the weather has cooled off. Not sure if I can expect any dramatic fading as the fit is loose. They are leaving a lot of blue on the furniture though. Still resisting the urge to wash....
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    November weather ... Freewheelers Cassady, Red Wood and Speed Tuner, Bootleggers Steamroller c/w Tender and RDT Vincent
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    Bootleggers Wavy, Freewheelers Ironhead, Bootleggers Bricklayer and Steamroller c/w Tender and White’s
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    We adopted a new little helper to take my fades to the next level. Unfortunately he's not heavy enough to actually displace any indigo. (and thankfully his little claws don't penetrate the fabric)
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    Quick update on these! 8 washes now, i think. They look great out of the wash but dull quite a bit over the course of a day. Some hydraulic oil splashed on me from a part I was curing at work and is pretty well baked in now, not sure how to get that out or if i should even try lol.
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    Wore my J68-PL out again today. Super comfortable and warm. I’m really starting to like it more than my J58. The lack of elastic at the bottom hem makes it so much easier to layer and is much more comfortable while sitting down and doesn’t give a weird bulge if I don’t unzip the bottom.
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    Got a few double-takes/wtf out walking in the park FW lockdown loungewear / Viberg
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    Just got my new M-46 Like the new guarantee ticket , replaces the old laminated certificate I think Really like the coin pocket shape And some olive herringbone pockets I'll get fit pics and whatnot later
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    Vintage cap FW TCB White's
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    Filson Vest Iron Heart ROY BB2 Whites
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    Not much to give an update on. My desk job life doesn’t lead to great fades. 3rd trip through the wash and dryer.
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    What I wish I could wear today...it's still like 80 degrees which is unseasonably warm for this time of year. Tender Co. Type 900. Freewheelers tee. TCB 40's contest jeans. Paraboot x Arpenteur Elevage.
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    here are some better photos than the ones i took earlier.
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    not the best lighting but tried to capture my 800’s. Purchased from BiG maybe 5-6 years ago? I don’t really recall. Probably my fav pair I’ve ever owned.
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    Washed my pair twice in the last two weeks, starting to use the dryer now too. I'm still working from home (have been since March) so not much else really going on these days...
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    Decided to take my 660’s out of storage. Haven’t worn them in a few years and considered them retired, but they are in better shape than I remember. An archaeologist could probably date these by the shape of the iphone fade. Gonna put them back in rotation. Also took some photos of my weirdo Tsugaru jeans which I’ll upload here eventually.
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    Crisp from the second wash. Lightning is a bit off and the fading is a bit excaggerated.
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    Open front jumper/shacket thing showing some promise. Sunny, clear day so lighting is probably a bit exaggerated here:
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    Lockdown in the city... Hillside / At Last x 2 / Viberg