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    effector aw warehouse duck digger belly full of bbq tofu belt not needed ooe yofukuten OA01XX-1217 paraboot chambord
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    a chilly fourth of july on the northern california coast archival effector warehouse hollows OA red wing
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    Hey guys! I notice that the customs information has been pretty widely disseminated. I also haven’t seen much mention of the small donations to unicef that I’ve requested. I don’t give a fuck about y’all scumbag reselling all the rare shit to the “community”—just be slightly less shitty and spare some cash for charity.
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    Got the p30a in xs yesterday and had been wearing them around and thought I’d drop some first impressions. In general I’ve always worn form fitting clothes so the ultra wide pant was a chance at something new. From pictures I had seen before, out of all the drop crotch pants, these seemed most approachable since they tapered at the leg and could also have a cropped look which mitigates the overly baggy look. (For reference I’m 5’7” and 140). When I first put them on I felt pretty uncomfortable since there was so much excess fabric in the crotch area. I felt pretty silly having these parachute pants on but after looking in the mirror, they feel much baggier than they actually look. I do like the absurd amount of slack and space I have for my legs which makes it a very comfortable pant. For the draw strings I did have to pull them a bit since the waist was pretty big but it wasn’t to the point where crumpling up around the waist ruined the drape of the pant. My favorite feature is the removable cuffs since the increase in airflow is significant after removing them. The zippers at the end inadvertently add form around the hem of the p30a which gives it some good structure. You can feel the zipper teeth slightly when walking around or going upstairs but it’s effect on wearing experience is negligible but thought I’d note it anyway. I really see this as an ideal spring and summer pant (with or without the cuffs) but don’t know if I would wear these in the fall or winter. If I did, I’d def wear with the cuffs and would probably wear a liner or some long johns beneath them since 1) I have the space to and 2) it would keep my legs warm instead of having all of that open space and potential cold air flowing around. I found that the drape of the pant can look drastically different depending on your body and posture. There were times where I looked like I had shat my pants when my back was slouched but would immediately disappear if I straightened my back (might not be the case for everyone but it was for me). What I did notice though is that when in movement (walking, running) the pant looks great basically at all times. It’s just that it can look odd for some if you’re standing a certain way or if the crotch fabric is flowing one way or the other but this too imo is negligible since you’ll hopefully be out and about not worrying about what they look like at all times. I haven’t found the right shoes for the long mod to wear these with but for the cropped mod, most ankle or sandals or slides look great with them. (bare feet somehow looks best for both lol) Overall it took me a good 2 hours to get used to and I couldn’t make up my mind if I liked them or not during the initial wear. After some time I’ve grown to like them but feel like these are the type of pant that’ll exponentially grow on you and you’ll love them more the next wear than the wear before. Cheers to returning back to the baggy era!
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    Tcb 20s/30s tux Bob Dong white tee Excelsior
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    My 50s slim update. Trying to sun fade them this summer by just leaving them outside in every condition. Well see how they turn out!
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    too good a backdrop to pass up... tcb / specsavers / lvc / tcb / gardening-tier clarks
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    Washed by hand and rinsed in the machine, this time.
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    First (?) proper update on my 30's jacket. Had it for about a year now or so. Maybe 2 washes, I think. bonus TCB 20's x-post from the contest thread:
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    Running repairs. Stitched the bottoms of the pockets too, but one of them has ripped again.
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    Lots of work lately and TCB 20's just got back from second repair. But I did find time for a wee festival with Tame Impala and The Streets to name a few. Bonus bits and scraps from the last few weeks. Extra Christophe Loiron-kick. At least I'm wearing TCB pants.
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    A little fun today with a new denim I've just picked up : Resolute 711. Got it second hand in an immaculate state. Had a little surprise when I got it as It's Hand-signed by Hayashi <3 I don't normally wear my shirts tucked but had to try once. Orslow/Uniqlo/Resolute711/Converse
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    Sun Surf, TFH, Cane's, Cabourn Will take some time to get used to the (relatively) lower rise on these, but overall I'm plenty happy with the fit so far. Plenty happy with the details, too, but that goes without saying.
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    Well I didn’t leave Tokyo with any big E’s for myself ... but Jack struck lucky in Marvin’s Got himself another pair of 503zxx but an earlier pair this time ( 54/56 ? ) . Got some time to take a few pics while we’re having a rest from the chaos of Hong Kong Disney land
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    Finally got a Resolute 710 in size 33, sizing up from what I normally wear. The fit is what I wanted from a long time, giving me a slim look with my big thighs and butt. Very happy with the fit. The fabric is like what everyone here talks about. Here are some photos after hem.
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    Iron Heart, TCB 20s, 70s
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    X-post from WAYWT A little fun today with a new denim I've just picked up : Resolute 711. Got it second hand in an immaculate state. Had a little surprise when I got it as It's Hand-signed by Hayashi-san in 2016 in Shinjuku (Bears??) <3 That baby is wide tho, 22 leg opening for a size 31. A little bit out of my range of comfort but I'll make it works I don't normally wear my shirts tucked but had to try once. Orslow/Uniqlo/Resolute711/Converse
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    Warehouse 2002XX/Outlier/Orslow/Paraboot
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    Went for a run tonight after seeing how much progress Volvo has made and how much of a wall I've hit in the last six months! This morning I was expecting it to be in the 90's, so I left wearing one outfit but had to change on my lunch break because it was only 67 out. Bizarre for Texas this time of year. Warm edition: The Flat Head. PBJ. Roy. Viberg. Colder edition: OrSlow. PBJ. Roy. Viberg.