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    1946 SugarCane x Junky Special Each pair is 'one of a kind' as you can see from the individual wonky pocket stitch. Junky held an exhibition, towards the latter end of 2017 to showcase some of the vintage denim held in the Toyo Enterprise vault, the DS 1946 belonging to Mr. Ryoichi Kobayashi being one of them, this repro was sold over the counter to folks who attended the exhibition. The denim was loomed especially for this run of 100, if you look at this worn example the texture looks to be leaning towards WWII. Here's some more photo's.. They have a lovely hand made feel.. . Run off . . . . Here's a post wash fit pic SunSurf + JSP 46's + JL Don't go away just yet, put the kettle on...get the custard creams Ive also got the SC X JSP 1946 506XX . . Sloppy af . . fin.
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    #70s #leatherdaddy #pimpmeetsmarlboroman #chocolatetime #brownonbrownisnotillegal #suederoughoutallthegoodstuff sears, burgus plus, lvc44, rw
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    Washed my 1947 cut again. WH denim is always nice to wear!
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    ebbets hat, samurai shirt, ues jacket, ooe jeans, new balance
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    Received the J44-SD today, S size in green. Took a picture for comparison with 3A-1 olive. My first impressions: 1. It is thick, heavy and warm, winter coat indeed. Felt significantly more substantial than stotz which can be attributed to the fleece lining. 2. SD material.... very comfortable to touch. Stotz felt a tad rougher. 3. I don't find the pockets inaccessible as some mentioned, and find them very utilitarian to use. I like the extra touch of the selvedge pocket opening. 4. I tried it in shawl collar mode first for half a day, and flip it up for the other half. I find the shawl collar mode more comfortable. The flipped up mode felt strange originally, the teeth of the zip against the neck takes some getting used to, and it is only marginally warmer than having it down. 5. Overall I am happy with the purchase and see myself wearing it a bit this winter. cheers!
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    It's great. This cut is one of my favs so im a bit biased. I'm glad that acronym is adding variety in texture (even though some of the knits are ugly as sin), cuz it helps break up the cosplay/costume look. It's a fairly warm mid/base layer. Wore it under my J51 in NYC today and it kept me very warm. Both pics below w/ the P33
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    Lee 101LJ post soaking / Merz / IH / Roy / RW A change for the day from the usual fuller fits
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    Nice one , glad to see this thread getting some activity Got my s406xxx ww2 a few days ago and after a 40 degree was I couldn't be happier with it . I went with for a 38 for my 46 but this time wanted a little more room so got a 40 Bit of an uninspiring fit pic but we're having a lazy day , spuds are pealed , roast is in the oven .... my slippers are on and my feet are up
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    kapital, samurai, sugarcane, john gluckow, yuketens.
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    left field, iron heart, sugar cane, red wing, silly poses
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    Anyways, here they are pre and post soak. Pretty happy with the fit. Lost about an inch in the waist and 3 in the inseam.
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    Thought I’d share a pic of a few pieces that I personally haven’t seen posted j72ak, la6ds, p33ds
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    cheap N1 from Taobao tcb ranchman remains BBC vest warehouse 1004xx white's semidress
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    Spiraltoy Sweden TCB 60’s in W31. I wore the jeans pretty hard for the first year or so with many repairs. Last 6 months I’ve worn them only a handful of times. I think I’m at 12 40C washes. My first comp but not my last. These jeans have been through a lot fave thing definitely the delivery of our youngest, Hilma. Hilma chillin on the tcb 60s a week after delivery. When new After 8 months. fit pic.
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    A couple weeks from 9 months with 5 washes. Trying to get good lighting but the sun was going down. I’ll try to post them some morning.
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    Samurai hat and jeans, Trophy shirt, PBJ jacket, Vibergs
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    I quite like the idea of everyone who’s interested in some kind of contest just grabbing an unworn pair of jeans from their stash/pile/wardrobe/denim chest/etc and agreeing to wear them for a year. Most of us have a pair ready to go and this would encourage wearing what we already have rather than indulging in further unnecessary consumerism and the accompanying carbon footprint. The ‘green jean’ contest if you like. There could be no prize or each contestant could chip in a sum, eg £10/$10/€10. All contestants get a secret vote and winner takes the pot. C’mon everyone, Greta T would be proud!
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    I totally agree with you! Just a simple pair of jeans, no frills. Iam still washing my pair inside out but maybe I will change that for a future pair. And here to show that I totally have no sense of style but at least some nice leg twist!
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    Finally washed
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    mpukas, USA, Iron Heart IH-888-NT, size 34 These are final pics, worn 'till the last day. About 20 months total wear daily. About 16 +/- washes. During the last month of wear there wasn't much noticeable change in fading since the previous update 1 month prior, but the crotch really let go a lot. I'll give these a final wash and then archive them in the closet. Looking forward to seeing final submissions from all who made it through. Congrats to everyone who made it! Huge thanks to @Megatron1505 for organizing the comp!
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    Can't let this thread get bumped to the second page! Gave my pair another wash yesterday, will try to get some full updates soon. I'll admit I've been cheating on these a bit since the fit is slimmer than I prefer. But the denim is something special.
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    Lot 147, 15oz, sanforised, copper rivets, half lined back pockets. white selvedge line. Final pic with 147J for matching tux Won't get chance to put much wear into them for a while but had to grab the chance to get them while my mate was in Tokyo It's turned out a bit of a photo bomb!!!
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    My tcb 60s long version, 32 waist. Bought from tuckershop about 2,5 years ago. Regular washed. Wore inbetween other jeans and hbt´s. A bit lighter blue in real life. Love the color right now.
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    Been putting daily easy wear into my CSF Type 1 WW2 denim since the summer whenever I have the chance It's really softened up - super comfortable to wear Not long after my last post... denim still nice and dark... but I caught a little evo on the arm earlier so thought to share
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    Random cold front blew through. Olive is wearing the finest loopwheeled dog sweatshirt from RMC. Mister Freedom. Stevenson. Ooe. John Lofgren.