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    Hi everyone, new here, freshly registered for the tcb contest I'm an happy owner of a TCB 50'S. Thanks to @Collin who have introduced me to the brand I followed his advice and made it hemmed directly by TCB, perfect length and what a beautiful ropping effect ! Some pics of the denim over the time, I wear a size 34
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    First WAYWT here with my TCB 50s And my lpu (ring coat)
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    morning peeps! more updates to keep the hype level under control here's the lottery pocket fabric samples! We end with even more variety than what I thought, ten different fabrics/colors. Tcb has only a little fabric for some of the samples so to be sure they have enough for all pairs the choice is wider than anticipated. a true lottery haha! blue wabash from Ranchman shirt Dark indigo wabash from Tabby's vest Hickory stripe from Handyman overalls Mottled brown denim from Tabby's jacket Mottled denim from Tabby's coat Olive and brown canvas from Black Cat chore coat Olive black satin from tropical pants Olive herringbone random hickory stripe from wrecking crew
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    First post. Momotaro Roy Rn 1 Warehouse belt Chucks
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    Hello! Indigo cat. Nayuta (with cat) will enter from Japan. Please add it to the list. My cat is currently measuring the optimal size and choosing my pair. I'm excited about the start of the next good time
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    Fade update: patch is starting to go finally, hardware is barely rusting, don't know what's special about my air that's preventing it lol i remember some guys buttons were way more rusted in only a couple months.
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    [PIC HEAVY - WARNING: NERD CONTENT] original S501XX, presumably size 28 tcb repro front tcb retro back left back pocket Single stitches on the top left go beyond the pocket At the bottom the of the back pocket, the stitch work is not reall to the edge compared to 501XX. The angles are more subtle, making the pocket look like amateur-finished. Proper stitch work on 501XX, for comparison Front left pocket: done with single stitch Front left pocket: repro ver On the other hand, right pocket done by chain stitch [love this!] right pocket done by chain stitch Belt loop comparison: top 501XX bottom: WW2 (stitch allowance is thinner) Left back pocket comparison: on the bottom left corner the stitch goes beyond the side Another angle Hardwear: steel made laurel wreath for the top. On the file, steel donut buttons( ONE PIECE) Inner side of the crotch, usually the perimeter of the crotch is tucked in for the more beautiful finish but it’s not on The Simplified
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    visvim achse // high water chino // gabo
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    First time posting up here. Here’s a fit from my morning ride out. Warehouse dotted shirt Freewheelers Miner Overalls Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse John Lofgren Natty Engineers.
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    Just to clarify on this, I confirm that the fit pics were taken with a new sample, made with the finalized cut. I would appreciate everybody to stop speculate about rise too high/small jackets too long/short. Let's wait and see the sizing charts. The product is now finalized, our community's constructive inputs were listened, but at the end of the day Hajime has his vision which must be respected. He does what he likes and sometimes - as I've already said many times in the past - what he likes it's not always exactly what our niche geek market wants. This is something I love about Hajime and Tcb, it speaks volumes about his integrity. Also, on the subject of jacket length and rises, the feedback he gets from Japan it's different. It's 100% impossible to make everyone happy, that's why there are other repro brands that make rises higher/jackets shorter etc etc.
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    Relaxed fit for relaxed days. Merz - Resolute 711 - Chucks 70s
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    I’ve just put my type 1 in the wash Took some pre-wash pics Not long since the last - hopefully not too much spam
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    A little breeze calls for a light jacket, just as well my Byborre arrived today, together with the obligatory oversized ACG pants from a few years ago, they're getting nicely faded now.. Welcome to the half century club. Shootout to @fasttimes - cheers for the intro, love it.
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    Hello beautiful people of Sufu finally we are ready to launch the TCB X SUFU S40S contest (WW2 model). Order page S40’s Jeans S40’s Jacket Price Contest Jeans JPY 23,650 Size: 28/29/30/31/32/33/34/36/38/40 WW2 Jacket JPY 25,300 Size 34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50 The fade contest will be only for the jeans but we make the jacket with the contest patch as a memorial to the fade contest we’ll hold with much help of Super Future. Target Model: S40’s Jeans Contest Ver. Estimated Delivery: Mid ~ End of August wherever you are Duration: Sep/2020〜Feb/2022 Rules There’s no specific rules for the contest. Just wear the contest jeans however you like. You can repair however many times, you can paint on it, or anything is fine. We’ll see whose pair will look the most gorgeous at the end of Feb/2022. Simple as that! Please let me note that the participation to the contest is not mandatory at all. If you’d like to sign in for the contest, please let us know in the note section when placing an order on our Website. I suppose there will be much more contestants from Japan this time. In order to keep everyone updated with how other contestants’ fading process is going, Ryo from TCB will be uploading the photos of each contestant on behalf of all the JP contestants. The contest is an opportunity to share your passion with other likely minded folks from every corner of the world, so we invite as many possible of you as possible to join the Superfuture forum and be actively involved in the TCB S40’s official thread. Prizes 1st Place 1 Jacket and 1 jeans 2nd Place 1 Jacket OR 1 Jeans 3rd Place 1 Shirt 4th Place 1 Shorts OR 1 Bag 5th Place 1 Hat or Cap Terms of judgement Each member of the TCB Crew will decide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd favorite pair and 1st counts as 3 pts, 2nd as 2 its and 3rd as 1 pt. The person that ends up with the most points wins! Fabric After careful examination and analysis on the WW2 fabric, we’ve reached the answer, 14 oz fabric made of EMOT blended cotton(Eastern Memphis, New Orleans, and Texas). Hard twisted yarns with so much of neppiness gives a solid texture to the fabric, which Hajime Inoue felt as the first impression when he first touched the original WW2 fabric. This hard twisted yarn is one of the key points to keep the indigo color not fully penetrated to the core of the yarns, which makes this fabric really true to how the vintage looks and eventually fades. The unevenness on the threads is carefully reproduced by the setting on the vintage Toyoda shuttle looms and the recipe of the cotton blend. Nowadays the definition of good cotton is often regarded as the whiteness made possible by breed improvement but this time we have focused on the creamy tinge on the fabric which is an iconic detail of the WW2 fabric. How jeans are measured please refer to Tcb guide Jeans S40ʼs Jeans Fabric:14oz EMOT Blended Cotton Details:Steel made Laurel wreath button/steel-made rivets/ Deer Skin patch Threads:Cotton threads (5 different thread counts) (Proudly Designed and Made In Kojima, JAPAN) Jacket S40ʼs Jacket Fabric:14oz EMOT Blended Cotton Details:Steel made Laurel wreath button/steel-made rivets/ Deer Skin patch Threads:Cotton threads (Proudly Designed and Made In Kojima, JAPAN) Special features Limited edition patch Ladies and gents here's the final draft sent to the printers. All the credits go to @Nayuta - well done! Lottery pocket bags In true S501XX spirit, pocket bags will be made with ten different fabric scraps, left and right pocket bags will be mismatched and no pair will be the same! No one can choose his/her pocket bag fabrics, that's why it's called lottery bags. Here's the fabric samples: blue wabash from Ranchman shirt Dark indigo wabash from Tabby's vest Hickory stripe from Handyman overalls Mottled brown denim from Tabby's jacket Mottled denim from Tabby's coat Olive and brown canvas from Black Cat chore coat Olive back satin from tropical pants Olive herringbone Random hickory stripe from Wrecking Crew overalls [willl further edit and fix later - sufu won't let me upload pics right now]
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    Hello All! My girlfriend has been interested in the world of TCB jeans since I purchased my 50’s back in April. I told her TCB makes a women’s jean called the 50’s Norma and she was ecstatic. We measured her jeans and I sent Ryo a message on Instagram to help us size her. He was super helpful, sent measurements of her exact pair, pictures, and told me he was sending the jeans out that day. The jeans came so quickly, only 3 days from Japan to USA! Long story short she loves the jeans and so do I! The denim is 11oz, nice and light, and the color is a beautiful blue. We were nervous about her sizing so opted to not have them hemmed by TCB, I am going to send them out to Railcar today. Enjoy the pictures below and we are a happy TCB couple!
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    Volvo called me an OG, and that made me smile. I think I’m more of a second gen. Cotton Duck, Switch, and Bandit made it impossible to not take an interest. So here’s an old school Sufu fit. Anyone who remembers grabbing a red chambray and the MF tees from the Gap knows. With Blacksmiths and vans
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    My Limited Edition Samurai Jeans x Denimio, Samurai S710XX25oz-GDB #GDBMemorialModel 12 Months, 2x Washed.
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    more tcb-leaks! ■Price Contest Jeans JPY 23,650 Size: 28/29/30/31/32/33/34/36/38/40 WW2 Jacket JPY 25,300 Size 34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50 * Free shipping world wide ■Shipping & When exactly the contest starts We ship every contest pair and WW2 Jacket at the mid August. Since Fedex delivery is really stable these days, I think every preordered will have received the jeans/jacket before the end of August. So the contest itself is going to start from 1st/Sep/2020 and will end 28/Feb/22 220 usd shipping included for jeans as per today's exchange 235 usd shipping included for jacket as per today's exchange Hope everyone is happy with that. Usual Tcb pricing, upped only a wee bit for the lottery pockets thing and the donation/sponsoring agreed upon with Superfuture, which I think it's a nice touch and should perhaps become a standard in the future for other contests, seen the exposure Superfuture guarantees to brands and the fact this platform is much more functional than Instagram or other social medias. the 5 usd extra for Sufu wasn't a mandatory request of Sufu admins but we came up with this agreement, because it's nice to be nice and 5 usd won't make a difference to anyone buying a pair of 220 usd jeans. I think the usual tcb value for price it's very much still there. Subscription deadline will be jun 30th, but I will confirm once the pre-order form is ready and we actually open for pre-orders.
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    Sierra designs/Tcb 50s/Paraboot
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    Same Denime 66. Probably time for some new jeans. [moseys on over to TCB comp thread like...]
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    WAYWT dad addition: Tcb Virgil Normal Wrangler PF Flyer's
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    Here's some pics for you peeps!
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    FIT PICS 180cm 80kg wearing washed 44 as a perfect fit underneath a T shirt 183cm 76kg Jeans 34 one washed Jacket 44 one washed