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    Atlast co, mr freedom, atlas co, vans
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    I keep saying I'm gonna stop wearing these, then I keep repairing them & putting them back into rotation: I can't keep them off my legs
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    I love these jeans Warehouse / Tightly Stitched / Leroy’s / MOTO
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    Beat Up Old Warp Records Tee Junky 46's Batterd Vans with cats on
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    Height of summer and near drought conditions - I suppose I save money on tees and shorts … Freewheelers Cassady, S506XX, Steel Driver, S601XX c/w Tender + Whites
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    Freewheelers Bakehead from 2012 and 601xx from 2013
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    Time for some fun Taylor toyo t shirt Conners ww2 Donny 1 ( bootleg jordans )
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    B&L no logo wayfarers/SLP/LVC overdye 67 505/visvim
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    Agree with the comments @Dr_Heech - great fit. Here’s a little update on my shacket:
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    Here we go! Had these hemmed to 32 by S&S, happy with the length. I anticipate they'll shrink a little more with a proper wash/dry. Denim feels really nice, perfect for the summer and so is the cut. I'll be wearing these quite a bit now I think.
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    runabout vacation shirt runabout denim vanguard chinos
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    warehouse 80's baker pants clarks
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    Can't remember Sufu ever being so quiet as it is lately. Probably not much new stuff. Same for my outfit
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    17th wash and dry. I have worn these jeans every day since the start of the contest. That streak will end until I can get the crotch reinforced. I don’t think it will hold up much longer.
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    New(ish) sweatshirt from Yahoo / channeling the cultpop ethos Heller’s / Cane’s / Tricker’s
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    We are in Sun Valley, Idaho. Yesterday (it was my 50's birthday) we went on a hike to Boulder City, a very cool ghost town / mining outpost where galena was once mined (I think more for being often found with silver than for the actual lead, but I might be wrong on this). The mine used steam powered power hammers to pulverize the ore, and barrel shaped sifters to separate the fine stuff from pieces needed to be reduced further. Much is still standing. Up to 700 people lived there at a time and the mine operated from 1883 to 1893. (Also featured: MFSC shorts, Warehouse t, FW hat...)
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    Came back after some absence to find this thread on the second page, so I guess an update is in order
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    Chilly day. Shades of pink. Vintage SS sweat Levi's 501 XX Off the Wall
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    New class mascot, we call him Walter. dressed in my usual slob style
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    I love these jeans The color is approaching the example pair in the Historic Wear book. It’s safe to say my iPhone isn’t capable of capturing the depth, and just makes them look… blue
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    Just walked a lot farther than I intended to—boots are starting to break in (this being maybe their third or fourth day of wear, & their first walk more than a few miles), and they’re a joy to wear Freewheelers / Cane’s / Flame Panda Tender shades