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    1003s after 2 years or so
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    ^what did you do? There you go: My usual routine is to soak the jeans inside out in a bucket to make them more pliable abd then put them directly in the washing machine. My washing machine has a rinsing program so the jeans were rinsed with clear water to remove the starch and sizing agents. I left them in the spin cycle at 400 rpm to get the mostz moisture out of the fabric. Afterwards I hang them to dry. Here are the measurements so you can see how much they shrank (raw/onewash) Waist: 37.5" / 34" Front rise: 14" / 13" Back rise: 17.5" / 16.75" Hips: 22" / 21.25" Thigh: 13.75" / 12.9" Knee: 10.5" / 9.75" Leg opening: 9.4" / 9" Inseam: 36.25" / 33.75" And the fit pics after the soak/wash
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    My turn Jamesfabled (shop in Osaka) 1001XX around 2005 Love the "Praide in Kojima"
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    Went to bangkok last week for brief visit
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    Triffer hat Tcb seaman jumper Telnyashka Re lookus Excelsior
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    Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine. Still not bright enough for me to photograph jeans without camera-shake, but still.... one more wash. Does anyone else find they keep losing coins now they have to keep everything in the back pockets?
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    My kid’s TCB jacket. Not too bad for an 11 yr old...
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    Visvim / Resolute / OSB
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx4ieTCoPqq/ A little more than a year, washed every 14-20 wears approx.
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    Great Warehouse jeans posted lately! Here's a small contribution that I've posted a couple of years ago: Deer Hunter jeans, a store brand made by Warehouse.
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    A bit more Warehouse love... Bonus pocket bag photo!
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    So this arrived on Monday but - following much anticipation - just got my hands on it tonight S406xxx M-46 First Half WW2 Denim Been on the edge a while but very glad I took the plunge... as awesome as everyone says! Rapidly taken pre-wash (what's with the crazy lighting, no desire to hang around and retake) and post wash pics Post wash pics are with jacket damp Looking forward to inspecting the details tomorrow... loving the T back...
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    At Last At Last RMC IH (belt) Viberg
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    Unworn 105s compared to a pair of worn 107s, both size 2. Worn in rotation for perhaps 11 months, not counting breaks for other pairs. Took the pictures in march, when the sun came back to sweden after a long absence, but never posted them.. Barely wear the 107s nowadays, mainly due to the tight calves. 105s patiently biding their time..
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    Washed my Memorial Jeans on Memorial Day Weekend. They're not nearly as shredded as Edwin's pair, but I like how they're slowly coming along.
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    In the country of NC. Buzz SC1947 BH
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    800s used a couple of days a week since late december. Love them. Very comfy fit even though the waist shrink to ~39 cm post wash for a size 33..
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    Six months in to these 1101 and maybe 5 washes so far
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    ^^^ nice pair/s... ;-) leaving hitachi blue derailment & weighty questions (that seem to bedevil our comp.) to samo iphoned indigo blue domesticity tales from the washing line pt. [forgotten]
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    Maiden voyage for this new pair of Bob Dong jeans plus the same stuff I've worn every day for the last two months more or less.
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    My 800’s bought last February from big,love them and sorry for so many pics
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    MF Velva Sheen FHUTT TCB Viberg Weekend WAYWT spam
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    Shoot Buddy, I just left Thailand 2 days ago. Timing was off as I was there for the heat but work ended right when rainy season started. I love my 37’s for exactly that reason...lighter weight and loose fit allows for good air circulation. Plus I can cinch and not wear a belt. I like the 201’s for that reason as well. Plus there are so many sidewalk seamstresses to keep them alive ! EDIT: These are ‘33s and I need to unpack my ‘37s.
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    Nice puckering and roping on the '47 model. I love the crispy and gritty feeling of freshly washed denim