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    Happy New Year everyone! Kids getting me out and helping me work off the excess. McCoys, Belafonte and Cons.
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    Happy New Year everybody! These Denime 10th really keep their indigo well...
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    belated happy new year to all... m65-lvc '76-grenson
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    LVC // WH Tees // Kapital // Haruta
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    back to all the layers m65-m51-tcb-timberland
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    Rototo Cap LVC Bay Meadow Sweatshirt Mister Freedom Bronco Champ II OrSlow New Yorker Pant Danner Boot
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    Happy belated New Year y'all. Hiked a small mountain over the weekend...probably considered a hill in most other places. FW Ultima Thule hat. FW Ultima Thule Watchdog. FW 601XXC 1937. New Balance 993.
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    @aho great minds think alike, I've been in touch with them as well... We have similar taste! The LB 40s jeans just arrived today, I'm very impressed by the details and presentation. The jeans were shipped in a heavy aluminum box, stamped with the lot number. There was also an included "users notes" book, which has a QR code which links back to the photo on the LB Denim IG documenting when they first were made. Small stuff, but thoughtful. I just gave these a wash, so I'll get some photos of the fit once they're dry. We hashed out some small adjustments to the cut (mainly some more room in the thighs and top block, given my previous experience with the buckle back model a few years back).
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    dsb 1001xx 47, regular 1001xx and then dsb s1003xx
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    A few quick pictures of my S1000XX-DSB (purchased from Warehouse). Also took some pics next to a pair of 'new' (worn ~10 days) S1001HXX-DSB (purchased from Hinoya with Hinoya specs). Worn pretty much exclusively for ~18 months with some other pairs randomly rotated in. Very regular washing after ~4 months of wear; sometimes 4-5x a month, sometimes 1x a month. Sometimes hang dried, sometimes thrown in the dryer. Sometimes washed hot, sometimes washed cold. Recently had to send off to Denim Therapy in NYC for preventative crotch repairs; first time using a service other than Indigo Proof and can say they did a great job. No real rhyme or reason to any of it, but like how they're coming along.
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    Lot S601 XX, 1945 WWII jeans Lot S506 XX, 1944-45 WWII jacket The reason for the back-shot is the show how the cinch tightening has twisted the hemline... I was going to flatten it out but decided I preferred the twist... which I can’t see unless I pirouette really fast
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    X-post because I'm dumb... Buzz - Denime - Duke - Veja
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    Nowt special, but it’s quiet around here so here’s a post… The usual weekend entertainment of Junior MJF9's football, cross country or athletics is on hold as the lad's recovering from quite a bad injury... So an impromptu jaunt from the Hyde Park student area into Leeds city centre and back Hyde Park cinema, Grade II-listed building from 1914, being refurbished – looking fwd to the reopening in April Skol Skol Skol Skol Hyde Park University buildings Thorntons Arcade in the city centre Original home of the style-leader Hip (est 1987) who introduced me, and many more, to the acid-house era attire of Duffer of St George, Mitchiko Koshino, Boro etc, plus in later years LVC, Maharishi et al (photo from the 2000s from a Supreme launch) Hip is now owned by the JD Sports empire Yuketen in the sale Dirty Leeds Coffee and hot chocolate with my boy at the best coffee place in Leeds Mrs Athas Most importantly, we never forgot the burger buns
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    FW 1927 jacket FW 601b jeans
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    Mammut on the head Buzz Rickson RMC sweat old S710 italian shoes
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    Freewheelers Army Civilian Shirt Runabout Denim JK Boots
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    A guid new year to ane an' a' an' mony may ye see … The first belt of 2023 - the second for @coastal_file on IG J&FJ oak bark bridle (still with the tallow coating), with custom patina brass buckle, antique finish spots and vintage Japanese coin:
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    You've got our best wishes.. don't underestimate the kindness of internet strangers. Not long after this photo was taken my missus.. wearing only a Stussy beanie for head protection was.. .. leaving work and she lost peripheral vision in her left eye.. called at Boots to book an eye test.. they had a quick look, next thing she was in neurocare and diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation on her brain.. We didn't know either.. it's basically a tangle of blood vessels which haven't formed properly at birth.. you have a 5% year on year chance of hemorrhage so by the time you hit your 40's it's almost 50/50, often you don't know you have one until you hemorrhage. Most people who are diagnosed with the condition have an AVM to size of a pea, hers was the size of a golf ball, luckily for us we have one of the world leaders in stereotactic radiosurgery at the local hospital (Love you NHS!) we sat down with Mr Raddatz and his team to discuss choices between pumping her brain with silicone blockers, removing her skull and cutting it out (which i assume was your boy's precedure?) or stereotactic radio surgery otherwise known as gamma-knife. A few weeks later they gave her an angiogram which she describes as feeling like you've been shot.. they open her femoral artery and she says you can feel blood pumping out of your body and down your legs, they push a camera in there and feed it up through her artery, through her jugular and into her brain, they then fill her brain with contrast, the first time it happened she said she could taste ink in her mouth (she's conscious throughout) the surgeon said the contrast had reached taste receptors in her brain making her taste ink.. f'kin weird shit! I would be out cold at this point. She then sees high quality detailed images of her own brain on the monitors.. they talk to her throughout. The angiogram gives the team an exact pathway to blast her brain.. afterwards she has to remain perfectly still for 4hrs because they can't stitch and if the artery opens up she'll bleed to death. A couple of weeks after that (when they've studied the results of the angiogram) she goes to the gamma-knife suite.. peeps of a delicate disposition (me included) should look away now. They get a cordless drill and drill 4 holes in her skull, 2x in her forehead, 2x in the back of the skull above the neck.. i can't fcuking imagine how horrendous this must be while conscious, the first time they did it, she clenched her fists so tightly her nails dug into her palms and blood ran down her arms...some folks pass out, she never has..she's proper hardcore! (i'm lamecore) it gets worse.. they then screw a large metal frame into the 4x holes with metal bolts, they use the frame to bolt her down to the stereotactic machine which keeps her head perfectly still while they blast her brain with gamma radiation. Most patients with pea sized AVM's only need one treatment.. she has currently had 5 angiograms and 4 gamma-knife sessions over 6yrs (paused for covid) we still don't as yet know if it has gone because the radiation slowly kills that part of her brain, we're hoping it's her last.. the next angiogram will tell us more. Her short term memory is f*cked, her balance sometimes isn't great, she can stumble but other than that you probably wouldn't know, i don't think she'll ride a bike again but she keeps fit on her running machine which she bought after tripping while running through the park. So to sum things up.. don't take shit for granted people!
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    Motor new vintage/tcb/pigeon tree/buzz Ricksons/ Cheaneys
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    Quick snap of my '66 Canes
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    Happy New Year everyone! (Repost)
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    small 601rb and 601xxc update after another wash
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    Runabout Goods Overland Jacket FW 1927 Runabout tee FW 601b Nicks moc toe
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