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    Here's a comparison between my 1946's in size 33" and size 34" I wore the size 34 for work over a 2yr period and the 33 for play over a 3yr period. ...after the 1st wash size 33 Size 34 After 1yr (ish) size 33 on the bottom . Size 33 on top . . ...and after their last wash Size 34 . . . Size 33 . . Size 33 on the right, you can see the snug fit showing more contrast . . . bonus shot.. size 33 in action . ...and then they fell to pieces
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    I met him on a plane recently. We were both wearing Acronym in first class.
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    Samurai S710xx. 365 days of wear. Worn since 2012. More pictures and a detailed review at my blog.
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    Cheap old hat Harman Optical The Rite Stuff Vasco Freewheelers Lofgren
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    Can confirm: my pals were a buncha slowpokes that morning Slowly working my way through photos five months after the fact…here're some more from the same hike (though none shot by me personally) I grew up hiking in the Sierra Nevada, and I still feel that they compare favorably to just about every other range I've seen, but Glacier is really something special
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    Another day, another 710 Bonus of wife-knitted socks
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    sears etc. / filson / burgus plus / lvc44 / rw
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    Hayashi-san transformation in the works. Freezing temperatures here though
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    Resolute 710 New Balance 574
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    Cheap n1 Warehouse sweat Tcb 60s White's
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    anderson-anderson hat, black sign sweater, ande whall denim, asics
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    Raised by wolves cap- Gant scarf- Arket parka - Howlin’ sweater - Universal work OCBD - Skull 5000xx - Jacoform
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    'sup been a while... checking in with the same old same old army surplus, spec-savers, 70s sears roebuck & co., p-o'alls, tender, rw
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    Papa Nui hat Globe specs Johnson Stevenson Roadster Jacket Stevenson Carmel diaper bag (if anybody knows an actual well made diaper bag, let me know. I wouldn’t mind upgrading from this. EDIT: never mind, i realized one of my DSPTCH bags has enough compartments to make it a useful diaper bag)
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    Cheap n1 / Warehouse sweatshirt and 1004xx jeans / Winson boots
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    Haven’t posted here in a while but after washing the jeans for the fourth time I thought it was time to show how they have evolved for me. I would say that I wear them at least 4 times a week but I’m quite a skinny guy so in comparison they haven’t quite come as far as some of the other pairs here but I really think that they are a great pair and the denim is something else. Sorry for the stripes on some of the pics. I think my iphone might have been a bit shocked by the light.
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    Left Field muleskinner from the first batch, 14oz Nihon Menpu denim, 12oz blanket lining. Owned for 5 years now, worn pretty frequently, few times a week during cooler weather. Lost count of the washes but I would guess maybe 6-7 times. Got a hole in one of the pockets and the cuffs are starting to fray a bit but it still going strong and I have no plan on retiring it, still one of my favorites. Last pic is from the day I got it for comparison.
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    What the flips going on here? why does somebody need to justify a purchase of something they would like to wear by it needing a specific purpose, most folks i see wearing Canada Goose or Woolrich are not working at an arctic research facility they're stood at the bus stop... this might come as a surprise to you, idk..but you're on a denim related 'fashion forum' where most folks wearing workboots work in an office, folks wearing M-65's wern't in Nam (when i was a kid, the only folks i saw wearing M-65's were penniless students) folks wearing J-100's are not on their way to The Ace Cafe and folks wearing A-2's were not WWII flying ace's, you really need to come to terms with this or find a more like minded forum. Saying that, you yourself... only a few weeks ago was looking at Sugarcane Carpenter pants but you're not a carpenter are you? what was their desired purpose? New Yankee Workshop re-enactment weekend?
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    from awhile ago Freewheelers Mister Freedom Hollows Leather Pure Blue Japan x Okayamadenim Rolling Dub Trio