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iPhone case thread


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I used to have a case by Powersupport. It's actually a Japanese company, hugely popular in Japan. They actually sell in the US.


I used the self-repairing iPhone 5 case. I know it sounds totally fucking crazy but the plastic is made out of some special material with which minor scratches just disappear. 


The attention to detail is insane. Like all the cut-outs are perfectly made so they align perfectly with the plugs. The speaker holes line up perfectly too. 32 bucks for a piece of plastic is pretty hard to justify but give it a go if you are looking for a minimalist one.


Unfortunately, I have a Nexus 4 because I lost mine (was unlocked too...) when I was partying with kuya Jmatsu.



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I've been using a black Incipio NGP case for my iPhone 4 forever. It was important for me to find a case that was not bulky, effectively protective, minimally branded, and matte. This case is all of the above and probably the only one I'll ever have. I've had rubbery cases in the past that would collect lint and become impossible to remove from my pocket, but the matte on the Incipio is perfect. It's so firm that it doesn't collect anything, but it's flexible enough to absorb shock. It's one piece with expertly placed holes for the exterior buttons and connectors, and raised enough on the border of the screen to prevent any scratches from drops but not so much that it adds unnecessary bulk. I've dropped it a handful of times and it's been unscathed every time.


Mine came with a protective adhesive film for the screen, too. At like ten dollars or so on Amazon at that, I can't recommend it highly enough.

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was looking for a minimal case for my new iphone. came across the elevenplus design and ordered blue on a whim. very pleased with it. clean and eye-catching (there are more colors on their website)



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I was gonna get casemate for mine (case-mate.com) cos their clear one looks good

ended up with this one tho cos the colour scheme goes well with the gold, front and back, but I'm already looking at new cases cos I dropped it a few times

the phone is fine but the case is showing cracks ):


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omg i love it whitney. where did you get that case from? i'm highly considering this one http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A9LVC2K/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1YCN99H7TYRNH

kate spade, (: friend got it for me, but I will rebuy myself if i don't find a suitable replacement.

before this my sis got me a silver hello kitty case that was also mirror back and I think I'm used to flipping over my phone to check for any embarrassing stuff like food in teeth ; p

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any recommendation for a leather pouch/sleeve?


tried looking for them around my area with limited choices since i was told they are are low demand item.


I've got one of these, and it has held up extremely well after almost 2 years.



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does anyone have recs/heard anything good about clear cases? i just got a gold 5S. i love not having a case on it, but i'm the clumsiest person ever and i know this will end badly if i don't get a case for it soon.


incase clear slider case is the best imho. Dust doesn't get trapped in it, its a good tight fit of hard, scratch resistant plastic and it shows off the beautiful gold. Honestly though, I got tired of cases detracting from the phone. A case is like wearing a condom, you should do it but it's just sooo much better without :ph34r:


is it just me or the bezel on the 5s' shit?


I agree, my bezel is all chewed up from just being in my pocket with other items. I'm pretty careful with phone but it still gets knicks and scratches on the bezel.

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i have the 5s and tried out the lifeproof case but decided to return it to apple after a week of trying it. i know it works well but the case just makes the phone too bulky and i found that the quality of my pics were getting affected due to dust/lint getting under the protective film which covers the camera.


i've been going with the phone naked without a case for about a week now and already dropped it on concrete this weekend. so far, no front or back scratches but the fall did chip the edges a little bit.

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