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  1. good thread. some nice rayon camp shirts in AA (in plain colours) which are ace, just massively overpriced id say go vintage
  2. I need some recs for anime.... seen the blatant smattering of ghibli and v limited amounts of everything else What I have seen & really enjoyed: - ghost in the shell 1 & 2 & arise (not seen SAC) - serial experiments lain (thought it was impossibly good. like, massive) - akira & i guess a bit of sword art online was ok but it felt kinda wack at times. i've seen practically nothing else lol
  3. what are the go-to options for a sling bag? like a backpack that goes across the body, u kno. patagonia atom looks alright, any other obvious ones? do head porter do 1?
  4. ^ not my vibe but they look cool. sure abt the yellow tho? im on the fence over these ;/
  5. yeah they could be... theyre old and weird at any rate lol think you're right as well. its a shame as that colourway is p sick
  6. cant tell if the free sole on these tns ruins em
  7. "i want to headbutt you"
  8. anyone know if the kenzo iphone 5 case will fit a 5c?? much frute but i want 1
  9. https://soundcloud.com/revenuelabel/a-drink-before-the-war this 1 is my fav. think these guys might have sth to do w/ the sad boys lot? or it might just be cos theyre both scandinavian and im a racist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPAm96VMi24 slightly more hardcore w/ the breaks n stuff vibes but v gd
  10. omg rizzla nightcored some soca ahaha so sick EDIT: lots of gold here https://soundcloud.com/sun_angels new ep out soon and the one from last yr is still free
  11. came across this alpha biking ma-1 whilst browsing ebay. too big 4 me but sooo good reflective zips on sleeves. nuts linings dope too
  12. ++ this remix of turn on the lights is jokes lol https://soundcloud.com/looseonez/future-hardstyle-rmx from that schwarz weirdo edit: sry 4 multipost... it was 4am?