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Hi. My name is Steven from Railcar. I posted this up in the Railcar Fine Goods thread, thought Id post these pictures in here just in case some of you ladies don't read other threads. These are some pictures of my shop assistant in her Viper X001 13.5oz red line selvedge at 8 months old but with about 7 months of actual wear time in them. One soak at 6 months, size 24. The jeans are 100% cotton, non-stretch and have a lot of shape in them as she wears them with no belt and still doesnt have a problem with rear gapping. Looking forward to see how they will look like at Spring time.




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Hey! This is my first post, and I was hoping you lovely ladies (and gents) could help me out.

These just arrived tonight, Petit Standards size 28. Think I should exchange them and size down to a 27? My ass has been flattened quite a bit, but I'm not sure if it's enough haha. Thanks :D

Edit: I sized down 2

Pictures aren't that great, but here you go:


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^max 2 sizes if only you can handle the torture for 2-3 weeks (maybe) otherwise 1.

i dig your current fit but i think you can still size down to 27.

edit: i didnt read your edited post...

dont size down again... sizing down 2 is alright.

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some women want their jeans to be skintight and i dont know how tight she wants her jeans to look like. i've seen some tighter fits than hers and they look alright after several wears. since apc will stretch out quite amount, judging from her fit i think she can still size down 1 though i already dig her current fit as i said before


sorry i missed her edited post... thought she hadnt sized down.

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Apc petit standards- I bought a 28- sized down 2-3 sizes. They are so so tight! I can only

Do bottom two buttons up and it's tough. I also can't pull them up all the way. I like a slimmer jean but I neeeed these to stretch out... Will they eventually fit? Like can't pull up kinda thing? Help:((

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Posted · Hidden by kenzie, December 30, 2011 - No reason given
Hidden by kenzie, December 30, 2011 - No reason given

my girls one wash 11's came in today, but the thigh is a full quarter inch slimmer than the measurements on big. they sort of feel like mine immediately after i had soaked them (we wear the same size...), but she's worried about it because she does have bigger thighs. will they stretch out enough in the thigh with some wear?

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are these raw or one wash? the color is "resin rinse" but the description suggests that it's raw. i just got these for $35 plus shipping, so i don't care if they are or not...they're super comfy...the perfect "fat pants" ;) i just wanna know because if they're raw, i won't wash them...or sit on white couches...

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Hi. I've been lurking on this thread for a really long time and I've finally joined the forum.

These are Sling & Stones Marys that have been worn approximately 3 time a week for 8 monthes and then off and on randomly for another year. I also just got some Flathead Balders from the market and I'll post photos of those later.








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Does anyone know how much the sdl703s are likely to shrink? I'm looking for some ladies raws but I've got... a bit of junk in the trunk. I'd be stunned if those oh-so-hot PBJs would fit, so I took a look at the studio d'artisan ladies cut. They look real nice.

Thoughts? I haven't seen a lot of them around here.

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