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    railcar fine goods

    On behalf of steven railcar fine goods, i would like to start RFG thread here. www.railcarfinegoods.com http://railcarfinegoods.blogspot.com/ RFG workshop is in the Los Angeles area, California, where they manufacture all of their goods at. they craft everything in their own shop, so when a roll of fabric comes in the front door, it leaves as a finished garment going out. some press pictures http://www.rawrdenim...im-thats-built/ Railcar Fine Goods in Japanese magazine 2nd Snap with mens Spikes X002 14.75oz red line selvedge jeans. and some more http://www.railcarfi...ts.asp?cat=1829 Railcar mens Spikes X001 13.5oz selvedge you'll also notice some familiar face, my friend Faisal aka -five- is wearing Spikes 002 mens Japanese brown denim. (his review; http://five-secondsk...spikes-002.html) and my humble Viper for women detail - 13.5oz Cone Mills red line selvedge 100% cotton denim fabric from the White Oak plant in North Carolina. - Raw thick heavy leather patch that is heat burnt branded with Railcar logo - Selvedge in the outseam, fly, and coin pocket - Chain stitch bottom hem - Single continuous chain stitch on the waistband that is tucked in to prevent unraveling - Railcar “R†stitch in the fly to reinforce the waistband to the fly to the body panel. Also to even more lock the chainstitch on the waistband - 2 piece waistband to prevent rear gapping and to achieve fades on top of the waistband when aging the jeans - hand hammered traditional washer rivets - branded waistband button - YKK zipper - 2 tone stitch color (total of 4 thread colors in the jeans) - Screen printed on the heavy pocket bag with Railcar art logo - extra clean stitching (flip the jeans inside out to see) - belt loops tucked into the waistband - The whole jeans was made on non-automated traditional jeans making sewing machines. No automatic machines was used to make the jeans. 100% made by Railcar manufacturing.
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