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  1. Hi Volvo, what cap is that you are wearing on this picture?


  2. @Broark think going to Brian will be a better choice.
  3. Workware, Incredible shop and The Real Mccoy Incredible shop
  4. @Geeman interested in Resolute Jeans, TCB Jeans? Real Mccoy stuffs? HK have many of these shops carrying different brands.Like what ALB said, Take 5 is one of the options you could visit.
  5. @Dry I think it's way too tigh. Maybe a size up will be nice.
  6. Could show some pics on your waist? The thighs looks a bit tight too.
  7. Hi Guys, wonder if you all have come across this shirt form Pherrow's, any place where I could get them? Sorry to bother.
  8. Aho, no more rolex for you?
  9. I will go for obbigoods product. Their price is decent and they are very helpful.
  10. Yeap.. me too. I nearly burst out in to a loud laughter when I saw volvo posting.
  11. Hope you get it and show us the fit...
  12. Seems like Okayama Denim has run out of my size for
  13. Omg..they don't bother to search for it even it's their mistake?
  14. @Max Power noted with thanks
  15. A size 30 on FC 1101, what size could I go for in 1108EX? TTS?