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  1. Kimono material? It's nice! Is it a recent product from eternal?
  2. The google translated it quite clearly... well done.
  3. Cool description Foxy....
  4. @kiya will you be bringing in the roy shirts?
  5. TCB

    @volvo240thebest try getting alden penny loafer...or crockett & jones
  6. TCB

    Measurement of the waist...I think I'm asking too much. Lol, Mind telling me to get 32, but my heart says 33....WTH.
  7. TCB

    @Niro Did the waist expand after wearing it? What's the measurement like?
  8. Yeap... 1101 is nice. So far never own any XX denim. Maybe after I managed to get some worn it pairs then will consider.
  9. Yeap, agreed with Til! I'm 33 in resolute 710 and warehouse DD-1001 and the normal 1001 I'm wearing size 30. I
  10. TCB

    Noted with thanks. My top load washing machine doesn't have this function..Lol, guess it's the traditional method of soaking and hang dry.
  11. TCB

    Thanks Bobbo, based on my waist measurement 83cm, I think size 33 will fit me well. The problem is that I don't have a dryer, so the shrinkage might be minimal?
  12. TCB

    Really thought of getting a pair of 60's soon. The reply and photos here are making me anxious to get one. Anyone with a pair in size 33 for measurements? Thanks.
  13. Hi Volvo, what cap is that you are wearing on this picture?


  14. @Broark think going to Brian will be a better choice.
  15. Workware, Incredible shop and The Real Mccoy Incredible shop