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  1. I will go for obbigoods product. Their price is decent and they are very helpful.
  2. Yeap.. me too. I nearly burst out in to a loud laughter when I saw volvo posting.
  3. Hope you get it and show us the fit...
  4. Seems like Okayama Denim has run out of my size for
  5. Omg..they don't bother to search for it even it's their mistake?
  6. @Max Power noted with thanks
  7. A size 30 on FC 1101, what size could I go for in 1108EX? TTS?
  8. Welcome back, SImon....
  9. Sometimes certain things better left as it is.....
  10. not too sure how lean jeans fit, but maybe you could look into eternal or sda jeans. SDA 107 and eternal 811 I guess.
  11. @mrsmiff looking forward to that OA02XX jeans
  12. is born in you, MP. It's your destiny to have high contrast to which ever denim you are wearing...
  13. Yeap, they might be at the Pronot's carnival. I've email them since last week till now no response.
  14. Evisu no.1 you will need to upsize by 2-3sizes. If not after soaking it will shrink down alot which after you will not even be bothered trying on.
  15. Testing