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  1. Yeap, they might be at the Pronot's carnival. I've email them since last week till now no response.
  2. Evisu no.1 you will need to upsize by 2-3sizes. If not after soaking it will shrink down alot which after you will not even be bothered trying on.
  3. Testing
  4. This is one of the nicer fades that I see other than Volvo pair....
  5. I will still continue to wear boots as previous summer. However, going for a change this coming summer, ordered a pair of loafers from Alden. Trying a different style with denim.
  6. Hi mousemouse,Guangzhou has no RC store or store that's carrying RC. Only shop near is HK.
  7. Thanks Ooms
  8. @oomslokop the bag looks lovely. COuld you share some pictures on it? Where did you get it from?
  9. TCB

    wow...dope. The alteration seems prefect for your back. I must say is a prefect fit on those 50's.
  10. TCB

    Nice fit Iron Horse, is that a pecos you are wearing?
  11. Yes...March there will be new stock coming in..
  12. They are sure nice...different feel to the outlook of the jeans.
  13. Nice cop on the 1004XX, Foxy. I'm tempted to get one but between 1004 and 1001, I put myself on the 1001XX waiting list.
  14. I remembered writing it some place. I try to search it and get back yo u guys on Monday.