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  1. TCB

    Looks very good @nycsurfer530! What do you think about the back rise compared to your 50s? Especially in terms of comfort...
  2. TCB

    Hello everyone! Does someone of you has the back rise measurements of the 60s for size 33? Thanks in advance...
  4. There was no service fee with superbuy. They documented and inspected everything really fast and detailed. And they even attached a photo of the pants when they arrived at their warehouse. In the end I decided to go with DHL express in terms of shipping which was a good decision because they came really fast. And I think I was lucky because I did not had to pay customs. All in all I paid 124€/131$. Shipping was really expensive to be honest as the pants on their own cost around 90$.
  5. I am glad that you remind me to measure the inseam. Sorry that I forgot that. The inseam measures 83cm/32,7" in unwashed state. You are right! They are very short for advertised 34" and they do have a very strong taper. I used superbuy. Very happy with their service. They arrived in less than a week.
  6. As promised here are some photos of my 051ss I took today. All in all I am very happy with the jeans. Pretty good work from the guys from Overcomer! Period correct details and neatly seam guide. The hardware and denim looks good as well. Will see how they will fade and wear in general... I did not soaked them until now. Will do that sometime next week. Here are the pre soak measurements for size 33/34 unwashed BiG method. Waist: 86cm/33,8" Front Rise: 31cm/12,2" Back Rise: 39cm/15,3" Upper Thigh: 32cm/12,6" Knee: 24cm/9,4" Hem: 19,5cm/7,7" Inseam: 83cm/32,7"
  7. "Old" photo from 1 1/2 month ago. Sorry for the delay... Vintage Scarf Vintage 70s Czech Army Coat Battenwear Lodge Cardigan At Last & Co. Shirt (not visible) TCB 50s Red Wing 2966
  8. I did buy the 051ss. Will share some infos and thoughts about them sometime next week...
  9. TCB

    I bought the TCB 50s denim in size 31 through denimio in raw state. Back then they measured around 83cm in the waist. Right now after a 3/4 year of effective wear, with maybe 3 hot soaks and 5 washes so far, the waist is around 86cm. Please keep in mind that they use Zimbabwe cotton for the 50s denim, which is very popular for fast and a lot of stretching with wear. By the way... These are the measurements given by denimio for size 31 in raw state. waist flat: 83 cm front rise: 30 cm upper thigh width: 32.5 cm inseam: 97 cm hem: 22.5 cm I think @nycsurfer530 gots a size 31 too. What about yours? Would appreciate some infos regarding your measurements!
  10. Hello everyone! First post here... Vintage 70s Wool Sports Jacket Indigofera "Grant" Jacket Brown-Duck & Digger "Rough Rider Trousers" Red Wing 2966
  11. The measurements look really good! I am looking forward to your fit pics :-) But the waist shrunk a good amount more than given on WH's website right?!? 【Size30】ウエスト(W)-82.5cm ワタリ(T)-32.5cm 前股上(F)-31cm 後股上(B)-41.5cm レングス(L)-89cm 裾幅(O)-21cm ※洗濯により下記の縮みが生じます。(Shrinkage after the washing)ウエスト(W)-約4cm ワタリ(T)-約2cm 前股上(F)-約2cm 後股上(B)-約2~3cm レングス(L)-約7cm 裾幅(O)-約1cm I am eyeing the 1101 since a really long time as I love the measurements for these and I want to have a 60's inspired cut. What about stretching with the banner denim? I think they used it for the 1101...
  12. How about stretching with the 051ss fabric dilemma worker? Maybe you can give us some infos regarding sizing with these ones. Especially the waist and back rise measurements would be interesting for me. Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks for your fast answer volvo! The Porkys guys recommended size 32 in their email because of the 81cm waist measurements as given on their rakuten site. How accurate are their measurements? In terms of stretching I am a little bit afraid of size 30 with 77cm waist. Maybe 31 would better?!?
  14. Hello everyone! I am interested in buying the 66 denim from porkys. But I need some help from you guys who already own one. My exact waist size is around 82cm/32". I am 1,80m and my weight is 75kg. I already own the FW 601XX '47 and the TCB 50's. FW in raw size 30 and the TCB in raw size 31. Both were hot soaked 2-3 times to get all the shrinkage out. I prefer it really snug in the waist. I guess I have a trauma with too much stretched denim in the past. So what size should I get and how about the stretching of the denim? To cut a long story short. Thanks in advance and sorry for this huge text.