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  1. does this mean the shirt will be delayed?
  2. XX 015 ?
  3. Thanks everyone xxxxx
  4. Thanks again, why the big price difference between 66 and 66xx ?
  5. Thanks guys, anyone know where to get a 38 w ?
  6. What is the consensus on this era of Denime ? Has it reached the quality of Orrizonti or Shins ?
  7. My apologies if this is the wrong thread but can anyone recommend somewhere to replace viberg soles in the UK ?
  8. I still have a brand new big bro shirt, unworn and unwashed. Xl just looking for what I paid. £230.
  9. Looking at that pic makes me worried about shrinkage on my xl. If anyone is interested in one brand new unworn or washed. Please pm me.
  10. 'kin ell mate. chill out. stop counting how many times you wear things and just wear them. Shirt is too small.
  11. Thanks guys. Hog. I am a high rise person myself but the back rise on the 36w is 18.5" front rise just over 12.
  12. Looking for a classic cut. Real Mcoys MP12005 or IH 1955 ?
  13. Anyone have a pair of edo ai they want to sell in 38w ? Please pm me.