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  1. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Hi! Fitment is very unique to everyone. So its hard to say. Our "modern fit" doesn't mean slim. It actually means it's more tailored. The arms are thinner and the body isn't huge. Probably the best way to see how they fit is check out this link. https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/railcarchorecoat/ There's a lot of examples of different people wearing them in there. Thanks!
  2. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Here's a Mildblend Chicago exclusive we made for them. Starchy, crispy 16 ounce Japanese blue line selvedge from Kuroki Mills. If you're in that area please check it out. Here is the link to their product page. https://mildblend.com/products/railcar-x-mildblend-spike-16-oz. They just received them this week.
  3. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Thank you. Unfortunately as well as I.
  4. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Hi again. I was hoping this was over in the public forum. I'll try to summarize our intentions handling this below. (Also, I did not take the time to read his post or his copy and paste email thread post above, so keep in mind it may be edited. As I see his other responses edited.) - We missed a detail on the alteration after we repaired the previous work. - We offered to fix the detail that we missed. - You replied back and made it pretty obvious we could not meet your needs. - We refunded you the whole amount for the service to your credit card. Repairing the jeans and altering them at our loss. - We felt like we could not meet your needs and your expectations and you should try the other tailors you mentioned in your email. Hopefully we could just end this. Thanks.
  5. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Hopefully we could end this here. At the end of the day. We love what we do. I feel like our brand is very transparent in the way we run and operate as shown in our social media. Including our quality and who we really are as people. We are enthusiast just like you! Also we are human. This is a fun forum and a fun group. Thanks for following along the brand.
  6. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Hi. Thanks for the comment. We would have loved for him to leave happy. I wish he gave us the opportunity to resolve it. Instead it sounded like we couldn't satisfy him. With that being the case, we thought using his other options, he mentioned in his previous email, would be the better option to make him happy.
  7. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns! We would be happy to help. Here is the link to our contact page. It's faster for us to respond here. https://railcarfinegoods.com/pages/contact
  8. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Hi. Thanks for letting us work on your pants.
  9. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Exactly. Thank you.
  10. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Well said. Thank you.
  11. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Thanks for letting us work on them! We appreciate the business.
  12. Steven RFG

    railcar fine goods

    Hi everyone, Steven here. Just wanted to chime in. I thought this issue, we already resolved via email. First off thanks for everyone and their interest. And YES there is two sides of the story. I agree this is not the platform for this kind of conversion. And yes, it was already handled and concluded via email. I'll try to keep this short. So I don't have to explain every line item that was mentioned. This is just quick summary outline. When this gentleman at his first contact with us, he wrote a long email insulting our quality, work and marketing. Not even giving us the opportunity to resolve the issue. His jean came in with a horrible downsize job that was not good. It was pinched at the waistband and we had to spend time to unravel the tangled work. We reversed the previous job to get it back to its normal state at no extra cost. The work was very bad and was a good size mess. I wish the pictures of that was posted. We told him and explained to him that our work was pretty good and we had to actually fix the previous persons work. And if we missed a detail then we would go over it and do what we can at no extra charge. Also to mention. When this gentleman came in he asked if we could use the same waistband button and we said it can not be reused as we have to cut it off. We will install a new one and try to match it to the same color as original. I guess he didn't believe us because he told us to save him the removed cut off button. We told him it was not reusable when he dropped off the pair. So he was told that from the start. He wrote an even longer email, as you could imagine, to us saying a lot of stuff including he has other local options. We were going in circles at this time and we felt like this was not going anywhere with him. We even issued him a refund for the service we provided. So all this was actually free to him. We told him that we feel that our service might not satisfy his expectations so it would be better to use one of the local services he mentioned in his previous email. At the end of the day, the pant was 100 times better and repaired from when it came in. So my thought is this. I wish he would have gave us the opportunity to handle this problem when he contacted us. Instead he wrote us pages of emails. He was even local to us, so he could have just came in again and I could have probably done some fixes while he waits. We are honestly really friendly. All of us here at the shop and take great pride in what we do. We are denim enthusiast just like all of you guys! We love the stuff! This was a case that got blown way out of proportion right at the start. Could have been easily resolved. We took this as a learning experience. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Or email.
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