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Pictures that make you uncomfortable

Mr Waffles

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that pic has to be shopped. that krokodil shit is gross and there's some screwy video that i can't find now where a girl had similar bone...showage. but that girl looks way too calm about that.

Might have something to do with the necrosis eating away at everything, nerve endings included.



It has sedative and analgesic effects, and is around 8 times more potent than morphine.

Found this online on another website talking about Krokodil, I guess it's also less than 2 bucks to get on some of it.

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Co-worker was just showing me her tongue. She has fissured tongue and I never noticed before, plus I didn't know what fissured tongue was until she showed me.

Ok, so the Wiki pic is not so bad:


Even after you realise that fissured tongue is often comorbid with geographic tongue:



But do a Google image search for either of those diseases... I dare you... Especially if you've just eaten...

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^That was my exact thought. I've worked with this girls for going on 5 years now and never noticed it before. Only obvious if she sticks her tongue out and draws your attention to it. She seems to think there's a genetic component, since her mum has the same thing also.

Do the Google image search...

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Clothing, hair, posture, body language, accessories... goddamn what an uncomfortable photo

Never understood why some kids fall into this look. Yeah, you're different and not the prettiest or most popular girl in your class, but you ain't helping anything with this fashion choice.

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