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Pictures that make you uncomfortable

Mr Waffles

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any explanation on why they're eating him? is he some criminal or some shit?

I think they're just hungry.

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the only comment on the site

slor lord said...

one man can feed a whole villiage? dang. the western world should be ashamed for wasting such valued flesh when i hear it bears a resemblance to the richness of swine. food for the gods. i heard of this one guy who would eat a human leg once a month- or more if he could get his hands on one- eventually he developed perpetual oil rings around both of his eyes... the only way i know how to identify a cannibal. watch out for em oil eyed father fucks.

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what the fuck?! is that real? why are they all so delighted to be eating the flesh of a corpse? why are they wearing shirts with badges on them? is it some club or something?

is this what the deep web is like???

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