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  1. The Flat Head

    Aside from the stitching coming undone in 2 minor places, they're all use & wear related so I think it could be related to cut? I do love the 3012's fit and will def buy another pair.
  2. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    so boss. what year is that Coupe DeVille? 66? holy shit. body kit or a legit amg? I learned to drive in a W126 so it holds a very special place in my heart.
  3. The Flat Head

    My first pair of 3012s and flatheads in general. Does anyone else find their quality a bit lacking? I have to send it in yet again for repairs. Guess sugarcanes have spoiled me.
  4. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    sufu what wheels should I buy? 19" BBS CH-R in titanium? reference or Advan TCIII in 18"? My car looks like the above pic problem is these shits are not in stock in silver which is way better looking than the gunmetal. It's cool but idk about rocking black on black again. not enough mascara atop my dresser. please to help me not be azn boi socal rice pose, but also not pleated dockers fake euro youth.
  5. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    I think I got these. They were black and boxed http://www.fastwrx.com/products/tic-fender-braces
  6. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    I think you're on the right track. I had koni inserts on swifts.They were great but the install took forever. Honestly, before doing a rear sway I'd do the fender reinforcement. The front pushes more than the rear needs to slide in my opinion. And save your beans for a set of 04 STi wheels or have a set of 05-07's redrilled. Super light and a classic style.
  7. Photography Post Vol. 2

    what lens? from the way the sharpness fades, 50 lux E43?
  8. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    from luftegekuhlt 3. Never seen so much selvedge denim, common projects and leicas at a car show before - it's usually Hundreds, Supreme, & Androids.
  9. What are you listening at right now

    man this new Moderat album is pretty good
  10. italy :: milano :: general

    Yes bump. I'll be going in late May for a quick minute.
  11. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    hmm did not consider. Will look into that.
  12. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    The romantic in me thinks I can handle a bare bones 80's CJ. Ya know doorless, canvas top and whatnot, but I think that would get real old real quickly when you've got to cover 600mi in a day. Still a dark horse candidate though.
  13. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    $5K. Wouldn't mind a project car either that only needs maintenance or drivetrain work. No body or frame work for me.
  14. Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.

    I don't think cool guy is in the budget. Something that will get me remote places cheaply, safely, and if possible, comfortably.