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shit you hate


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I don't know what to call this, but when people use the opposite of a situation to emphasize it. Like this one bitch on tv talking about 9/11 and how when the second plane hit the tower says "and you knew this wouldn't be a good situation". Like, you dumb cunt, as though the first plane hitting could be interpreted as a "good situation", but woah, not the second. I hear this kind of shit all the time...

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girls who have stupid ass red paint all over their bodies for a high school football game, then hug me and get it all over my Imperials, and it doesn't come off, and they laugh.

yeah, that just happened.

whatever dude, CWGs are the best, don't ever question their actions

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^I think technically that was an abscess. It probably should have been drained in a doctor setting and not at home. If she didn't fill it with gauze, change the gauze frequently, and make sure the incision stayed open, it's likely that it came back :(

I hate the snooze button. I fucking hate it. I am a light sleeper, and so when my alarm goes off I GET THE FUCK UP. My wife on the other hand can hit the snooze button for hours. She figured out recently how to use the alarm on her cell phone, which has a snooze button. OH NOES! After the 6th time it went off, I threw it against the wall.

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people who post melodramatic status updates on AIM/tumblr/facebook

here are a few from today:

"i wish i could do my life all over again"

"stop thinking i need you, because i soooo dont"

"i wish i had a boyfriend so i could listen to a love song and know its about us"

man, FUCK you guys

a so-so non-twilight-esque life does NOT mean a shitty life so shut the hell up

jesus h. christ that is sad

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The cuts on the inside of my ring finger that wont stop stinging.

Fleece, and when I'm forced to fold it at work. Bleck.



That girl in class that has to answer EVERY question. Shut up bitch and text someone already.

Phone calls / Messages from people that should have left me alone 2 years ago. Fuck off with yourself.

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