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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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To repair these would cost me $50 each give or take. If you find some Iron Hearts or Imperials for around that price let me know.. I thought I was done wearing both but for some odd reason I keep going back to wearing either one. Even if I have one side of my closet filled with jeans. You can see which I wear the most. 


What incredible amazing results!!

What would be the hardcore fraction of the raw denim community without you

Even non commercial the Jeansmuseum would fund you the repair cost. Or in case you wanna give them an eternal life at my place let me know

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Self edge does a quasi-one-price-fits-all, and used to completely, so that's definitely the best option if you just fucked your jeans up.


As you know, rain and tyler charge by the work to be done, so it's in your best interest to send them as soon as possible. It also probably helps keep the jeans in better shape in the long run. A flat rate just encourages you to fuck up your jeans as much as possible before getting them repaired so you get your moneys worth!

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I have a jeans which I really like, but which is very worn out already. Suppose that I still want to keep it in a wearable condition as long as possible. Now of course there are webpages with, for example, washing advice, but they are generally also quite much concerned with preserving the colour / fades. But what if I don't care about that? What is then the best way to take care of jeans?

Thank you for the advice!


Sure I can post some pics - as you can see the invisible repair thing is not so important at this point:




One year later, so time for an update:



I still wear them during most of the time off work. At least every other week I've had to repair some new rips. I never expected these jeans to last this long, but on the other hand I'd also never thought I would ever wear such worn out jeans.

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Cures with about 9-10 months wear.



710xx with roughly 10 months wear.

remembered this post from years back and found a pile of retired jeans, don't know how much more wear i put on since the photo but at least a year, thought i would share a update.





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Wow awesome denim evo updates Charles

Promise me to never ever throwing them away.

So awesome faded.

I can't stop watching them.

Would love to display them in the Jeansmuseum some day

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Looking great chantheman

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Great updates Flo!!!!!!!'

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I like this strong denim evolution like hell

I can't stop watching them

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Cross post from DWC thread and Denim Shirt thread

Took some photos of some of my IH gear the other day:)

Hope you do not mind me sharing them here as well.


2016-10-23 341 days (1 soak 6 machine washes)




2016-10-23 169 days (6 soaks 1 machine washe)




2016-10-23 205 days (2 soaks)





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Beautiful nizzel55

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Looking good dannyvista

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Wonderful denim evo seen here Dr Feelgood

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Keep them alive for ever

They deserve it!!

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3Sixteen ST-120x. 4-5 washes, 365 days of real wear.












Up close. Love how much detail is in the fabric, especially considering that it's sanforized and started out soft.




There's very little wear in the crotch. Can keep wearing these for a few months before they need any repairs.



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Sugar Cane 2009, owned by one of our customers from SEPDX. 

She bought these from us 2 years ago, they look so damn good.



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^^ Looking fantastic Cold_Summer

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These will be the final update on my jeans and making me out of the contest. I've worn these for 1 year straight and worn them as hard as I could but these are very tough and stubborn jeans. The reason being is that these jeans do not fit me anymore so they are going up for sale. These have had many washes. I need to own another pair of these in the future. 







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