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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Posting some post wash pics of my Left Field tweeds.

These are about 9 months old, I believe. A couple washes.



And a little buttonhole I made for the T-bar pocket watch chain I have. Works pretty nicely.


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And my sammie 21oz. haven't updated on these for some time. Anyways, here it goes. i love the thickness of the denim it makes for some really thick rounded creases, not really sharp creases like seen on a lot of tightly worn thin denim jeans.



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naked and famous, weird guy deep indigo. around 3 months. stitching is out on the right pocket, and they need some reinforcement in the crotch soon...



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S501XX 1944 WWII Edtion, worn about 1 1/2 year, but NOT everyday, had 5 washes,

the last 6 weeks I wore em 5 days a week during my work on a horse ranch, faded like hell

in this short time, the wrinkels on the ankle appeared in that time aswell as the hole which

was from a nail accident... I think this work produces very nice and real vintage looking effects...


dirt from 6 weeks ;)



thought i could do a repost, those are from 2005 had embossed rivets and the orange striped shirt clothes pocket lining... still think that those had one of the best denims...

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