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  1. I'm leaving today for Berlin. Anyone want to answer his questions about the bars/restaurant/cafe????
  2. So I guess this thread isn't locked anymore. I was wondering why it was locked. Any word from Gordon yet, DP?
  3. i feel compelled to plug BIG. I finally bought the warehouse 800s online monday night. i got them already despite BIG having to hem them. pretty excited to start wearing them. i'll post pics if anyone wants to see the fit.
  4. Washed 7-8 times. Fit pictures are a blurry. Too late to take more. Here we go.
  5. yeah i forgot to include my number and he asked me as well. i figure if he has the number he will know what model they are.
  6. Subject: Final Pictures for the Full Count Contest Thanks DP.
  7. I'm sending them to site@blueingreensoho.com. hopefully that's the right address.
  8. Hinoya fit. Not a great pic of the sweatshirt, but I have it since the FC contest just ended.
  9. FINISHED! more pics in the pictures only thread. has anyone sent their pics to Gordon?
  10. Washed 7-8 times. Fit pictures are a blurry. Too late to take more. Here we go.
  11. Washing them again, so I figured I'd take some pictures. I do think they are lighter overall, but it seems using snow as the background fucked that up.
  12. I saw that and called to confirm. i hope no one buys them while i'm making up my mind. So would you say they are slimmer in the legs? The measurements are saying that they are. Plus they have all the fixins i like. How is the selvedge width? the 0105 have the perfect sevedge width. it seems like you can't get good tracks without a thin selvedge line.
  13. The Warehouse #800 look damn good. http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=5270&category_id=&manufacturer_id=4&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28
  14. Thanks, almostnice. I'll check them out.