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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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normally I don't care enough to post but I am autistic so I have to bring up a semantic issue.

Grail should describe something rare, maybe his fades are grail but would you really want jeans worn by someone else? Probably not. The point of it should be creating jeans like that yourself. Wouldn't call it grail.

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Grail as in - one of the best examples of fading you've seen, or what you're trying to achieve yourself. Not grail as in "I want to own his pair of jeans" (florians wouldn't come close to fitting me anyway).

It's subjective obviously, but we all can agree on certain pairs being "grail".

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for the past 5 years, i still haven't figured out what grail means in a clothing /consumer sense. i first saw it on some hype forum. perhaps nike talk

can someone explain?

You might have heard about the Holy Grail -mythology, where the hero must prove himself worthy to be in its presence (the holy grail that is). The Grail is a symbol of God's grace, available to all but only fully realized by those who prepare themselves spiritually and mentally.

As in denim, it usually refers to an exceptionally well worn pair whose wearer has proven himself both spiritually and mentally by achieving such a great task, thus realizing the "holy grail". So the jeans themself are referred to have "grail status".

If buddhist mythology were used the jeans would be called to have a "Buddha status", you got the point.

I'm not sure about how some sneakers could be "grail"-anything. It's most likely severe misuse of the term and should be punished with the wrath of god (or reborn as a lowly worm in buddhist case).

Though, if you ask me "grail" and such are something barely unreachable which one should try to reach and doing so they better their life and lifes of others (and in the process they have nice jeans...). So maybe next time the jeans could be "close to grail status"? :)

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thanks. haha i don't actually remember anymore. Bought in dec 07. I probably didn't wash it for about 1 year ago. Thereafter, probably every 2 months after. Used to do cold soaks. Occasionally hot when I fancied. Haha its even been in the dryer. Yeah, it got to a point where I just wasn't too fussy. that's the way denim should be haha. Flatheads next..

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Posting these for a yoyo-ing friend of mine that doesn't do Superfuture, i thought they came out really so we had them photographed. I liked this pair because it really shows how the sugar cane fibers affect the indigo loss pattern over time.

Sugar Cane Hawaii

Bought 30 months ago, worn on and off, only washed twice.











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