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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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thought i could do a repost, those are from 2005 had embossed rivets and the orange striped shirt clothes pocket lining... still think that those had one of the best denims...

Interesting...can you snap a pic of those rivets?

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DB contest jeans. 11 months, 4 washes, 5 soaks?



Some of the repairs done by Blue Owl Workshop (formerly Atsui)

2 crotch blowouts were waiting to happen. stitching all along the seam was fraying and tearing.


hems were being destroyed where the cuff is. basically only a few warp threads were left.


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am i seeing things?? at jan 2010 your jeans have nothing on the waistband and then 3 months later a tag suddenly appears?

yo, these are sample jeans - the label was produced and added after i started wearing them

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^for sure. a pair of greats


FH F380 ( apprx 14 months of wear) -on the left

SC Okinawas (apprx 3 months of wear)-on the right



and an extra pic of the 'canes


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just curious as to how the infinity signs on the back were done? painted?

we embroider the infinity symbols on the pants before the pockets are sewn on. as the embroidery is raised the symbol starts to show through more as the jeans are worn. these are from the first batch of jeans, all the new ones have the sign on the left pocket only as it was a bit of overkill having two pockets with it on..

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yo those f380s are beauties man.


how many washes,etc? did you hem em?


9 washes , numerous soaks (5-8??), and no hem.

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went to the park for the pics beatle requested. don't have time to post them all, but i will this weekend(when i finally send off the FH tour jeans, sorry dudes)




this one is for kixslf:



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Dior MiJ 19cm after a day restoring an old cupboard. Has collected some dust from grinding, me likes, but tones down the contrast on the lap. Almost four months since last wash with regular wear of around three times a week. Fully stretched now, so need a wash/soak soon. Maybe after the cupboard is finished, no later than 2nd of april as we are moving houses on the 1st of april and I might wear them for that occasion as well.

Around 20 months of wear now, three washes, one soak.

I am likely to start my next project within the next days, but still unsure of cut and color. Maybe I will start a black and blue at once.

I didnt care for a correct white balance, but you get the idea. Some pics are blurry as hell as my tripod isnt making it anymore...





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