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^site says it's down for maintenance but direct links allow to access brand pages that are already marked down. check out has the free shipping option too.



allright cool, it also says it will be up and running on friday again.

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Spent Christmas in Vegas and Barneys in the Palazzo is going off.

Copped Band of Outsiders White Oxford for $64 (or 69, scribbles), NumberNine Tuxedo Jacket for $289 (Retail was 1165), and a Raf by Raf Simons pinstripe shirt for $89.

Rick Owens, Raf, and Comme had a lot of nice stuff, and BOO had shirts for you smaller dudes.

But, definitely a come up if you are 6 feet and about 160lbs.

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Martin + Osa

Found in your local mall, possibly. Offshoot of American Eagle, but targeted towards jerkoffs who are too old to be wearing American Eagle/Hollister and the like, and need something else to levitate towards. They usually have heavily marked down sales, as nobody knows them, and while the clothing is nothing special, they have pretty decent shoe collections that include Red Wings, Clarks, etc, which also are heavily marked down, so you may come across some steals.

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