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  1. TCB

    how much is shipping for the jeans to US?
  2. I think the main problem here is if people can buy from retailers in Japan for 30-40% cheaper than the local resellers outside of Japan, then eventually no resellers outside of Japan will carry PBJ. For example, I see Take5 in Hong Kong carries some PBJs and they are more expensive than buying from Denimio and OD. So I dont really see why people in Hong Kong will buy from Take5. I am guessing PBJ probably did the calculations on what is gonna cost them if they loose all the wholesalers outside of Japan.
  3. how did you get 50% off? i dont see it on the website
  4. Where did you buy this?
  5. I got these in Japan in size 36w couple of months ago http://www.selfedge.com/the-flat-head?product_id=1755 It feels the length is a bit short but everything else the fit is great, is this generally expected from the flat head
  6. curious how did you hot wash it? how long do you usually leave it for?
  7. Where can i get the 50s jacket in Tokyo? It's hard to tell from the stockists page on which store has them in stock
  8. is there anything similar for females?
  9. How often do you guys machine wash your PBJs? With or without detergent? And what settings?
  10. when does most of the sales start? gonna be there first week of January.
  11. what to do when the ex keeps harassing the girl by sending flowers and calling.
  12. That's what I have done, but the thing was she asked me to go to this city with her thats about 500km away from the school. So maybe we need to plan ahead.
  13. Wait it out or send another email? Wouldnt this be needy?:confused:
  14. only got email man, shes already in that Country while Im still in Canada.