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Where are the sales at in L.A. right now?

American Rag started their 30% off last week...there are certain pockets that are 50% and 75% off, mostly stuff that didn't sell last season.

If you are a size 36 waist, you can cop some Engineered Garments denim for like $47.

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barneys on madison

raf simons suit sz 46 = 129 + 329(?) for pants and jacket

i bought a pair of raf simons dress pants for 129.

ill be styling on everyone at work.

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Nom De Guerre, 40% off in house stuff, great waxed m65 still in stock in size small which was too tempting, but I still left empty handed. CP's, Everl?, and BoO, and raf for fred perry in the basement for 60% off, and lastly, $100 tiger fleece w+h hoodies.

nom stuff is 60% today

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they only had the ottoman and the tux(?) shirts?

the ottoman fabric feels really weird and the cut seems irregular.

ervell shirts on sale. i tried one on for the first time.

amazing shirts but they don't fit me at all. tried all sizes too.

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thanks for the info. I will go for nom shirts if they have anything left.

true about patrik shirts. Very nice but the cut is way too big and long on me. They were on sales for like 100 at barneys.

werd I got a club collar and its so fucking huge, even though its a S. I can only wear it tucked in under a blazer :(

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i stopped by odin's clearance...its packed with absolute dogshit...trovata mostly...some ugly ass engineered garments sweaters for $35, some cheap mondays...some nice collective shirts...

prices were very low...$19, $25...i couldnt find much above $40...but the quality was crap.

odin's regular store sale is getting lower...maybe 50%...but the quality is just not great. there's nothing that really appealed to me...maybe it will at 80%.

just a strange hunch, but i bet odin is struggling quite a bit. the lafayette rent must be massive...

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i think some fbt's were on sale, but i was trying to find out the prices...

do you think the bags will drop in price anymore?

which ones did they have, the one with the argyle-kinda pattern? cause that material feels weak as fuck

not even sure those were on sale, but up top t hey have some elk leather ones. a duffle for sure.

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