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show me your clarks!


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although i think the model and especially that particular one is hideous, you can find them on yahoo!jp pretty regularly...

Where on Yahoo?

I checked the UK site for Clarks and they had the Natalie, but not the particular one I'm looking for. I'm actually looking for that sand suede with the light colored crepe bottom. The only ones they have on the UK Clarks website have dark crepe bottoms.

If anyone could help me track down the ones with the light colored sole, I'd be forever indebted.

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nice, but gonna go for much more than i am willing to pay...

luckily got something similar on its way from nippon, more pics when it arrives!

EDIT: Doc, I see them when browsing on Ebay UK and Yahoo Japan auctions, to order from Y!JP you need to use a proxy service, which i have heard SharpServiceJapan is pretty good, although I use someone else, I dont know if he is taking new customers...

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for our big footed brethen, size 12 weavers, condition looks pretty poor, and price is relatively high, but figure i would let you all know!


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I really want another pair of desert boots but im not feelin the distressed grey whatsoever

im thinkin about gettin a pair of the desert khans (the low top dezzie boot) in beeswax or olive - im not feelin the red stitching of the olives though

what do you guys think?

I have the gray distressed. They're sick. They seem to get dark quickly, though. I took them to some buttcrap at the mall to get them cleaned and he acted like a d-bag. But yeah, they darken rather quick. Love them, though.

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was perusing through the mall and saw some shoes that caught my eye. Tried both pairs on and went with the beeswax desert khans. It goes better with the 19cm steez as opposed to desert boots

i know, unoriginal, but at least theyre not the boots or the wallabees

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It's not a picture of any beeswax/grey suede desert boots that this thread seems to have become solely dedicated to, but it still might interest a couple of people:


^ Edit - Seems like this was posted earlier in the thread, apologies!

By the way, a pair of brand new black suede Saville's just ended for under 250 shipped on eBay. I'd KILL for a pair of grey suede Saville's...maybe one day!

Also, I might be selling a handful of P&B's in sizes 13-14 in the near future; keep an eye out in the supermarket or PM me.

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i need some black leather shoes for work. i´m thinking aout getting the "point taken". anyone have experience with it? how dressy is it?

as i´d also like to wear them with jeans in more casual outfits:

is the point taken alright or should i go with a black leather desert boot? (not the suede ones...)





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