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show me your clarks!


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has anyone had any experience with removing the black paint from the sides of the crepe soles on desert boots?

Seen - tried to do that on my taupe desert boots about a year ago - used a bit of acetone, but it ended up not really working so well and also kind of drying out the crepe.

Ultimately it wasn't much of an issue...with enough wear the colored sole kind of ends up blending into the shoe and looking normal.

Hope that helps.

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nope... I posted a taupe pair earlier in here... They were Taupe, distressed... lovely pair.. they were hard to find in my size though.. I think I only found one site that had them

Thanks, I looked online and one time had them, and another site had Beeswax, looked the same but I wasn't sure. Next week I am going to get the beeswax.

Is there any conditioning I need to do? I am not very familiar with treating leather.

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heres my little collection

going to be selling two pair of the low p&bs as i like the highs better




recent pick up


thanks 123ok for the heads up

gonna be selling these in supermarket


see link to sale here


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digups, those are the slimmed down, pointy toe version of the clarks desert boots. Made by clarks. the soles have wood(or leather) between the uppers and soles. and between the soles and heels. Are these another Japan only product? They've been out since the beginning of the year I think. It's part of the "Point Taken" line from clarks. Some people don't like them because the crepe wears too quickly at the heels, revealing the leather mid sole.

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