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what are you eating today?


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whizkit: is it the cafe latte with jelly just really big? or did the angle cause the shot to make it seem so? the grilled oyster looks so succulent ...how was it?

the jelly latte is quite tall. about 20-25 cm. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about the oysters except that soepom liked it and had had it on previous occasions

how was hong kong? I hope my list was helpful.

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^ i actually had to check the hell pizza site, looks great

anyway this wasnt today it was the last couple of days

i hadnt had a hot pocket in years, it was ok


roast turkey panini, with a side of pasta primavera




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The first one should be obvious but the second one is Shrimp Inari. The place I go to for Sushi normally has the same old Japanese guy making it right in front of me every time, but this time I think it was a little old. :/


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just curious, what joint are you hittin up for sushi?

Its just a little market in downtown Geneva (small suburb roughly 45 minutes down the Metra Union Pacific West Line).

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