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what are you eating today?


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after being bored to tears from too many tacos, i went to a specialty store and got the makings for an awesome sammich. serrano ham, prosciutto, manchego cheese, and alfalfa sprouts.


spaghetti carbonara


after, almost, pleading to my mom that i wanted to take her to a nice restaurant she agreed

we had some type cheese and olive appitizer, some bruschetta, i had some breaded pork loin with cheese sauce, and she had the fish, i dont really like seafood so i didnt really care to know what type.



my other aunt made beef lip tacos, really good, i wasnt even hungry and i had like 5 of them


the last day they barbecued, smokey goodness


some days you really miss vegetables so a carrot


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frozen strawberries with sweet cream


dont know what it is but coconut ice cream in mexico is crazy good


peach juice... nuff said


best churros ive ever had, hot and fresh


i found some candy bar that has tequila in it, there was even a 'do not give to kids' warning on it that made me laugh.


last but not least some nice aged tequila, so smooth


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Tg always kills it in this thread. Everything else is looking mighty tasty too.

I have no pics unfortunately, but I had what was easily the best meal of my life yesterday at Chef Thomas Keller's (of The French Laundry) French bistro, Bouchon. Everything was the best of that food I'd had.

We started with a salmon tartare with chopped hard boiled egg, red onion, chives, and capers, very subtle, simple and elegant

Next I had a leg of duck confit on brussels sprouts with a cracked mustard seed sauce that was heavenly. Explosive flavor, rich texture, tender, and crispy delicious skin.

I had a croque madame sandwich, basically a grilled ham n cheese, but on brioche (best grilled cheese bread ever, as it turns out), topped with mornay sauce and a lightly fried egg. Served with it was a huge pile of bomby ass black winter truffle pomme frites.

My mom had a flat iron steak with caramelized shallots and a pat of herb butter. The steak was ridiculously good. It was super flavorful, and had the best texture of any steak I've ever had. Cooked to perfection.

The waiter was great, he was all about shooting the shit with me about food nerd stuff, describing the painstaking processes undertaken to prepare our meal. I'm going to send a letter to their head chef. Every dish was a masterpiece.

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lunch with soepom and tweeds




crab cake


freid tofu with mirin bonito, mushrooms, truffle oil etc


spinach salad with gorganzola cheese


soepom and me had lambloin


tweeds had chilean seabass with mushroom and yuzu butter sauce


i had macarons with strawberry sorbet on almond foam


tweeds and soepom had a chocolate cake each

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wow iphones camera fucking blows compared to my old phone..

continuing my quest for southern deliciousness on my stint back home- pulled pork on garlic bread with sweet and hot bbq sauces, fries, baked beans


too. good.

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