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THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)


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KMW 1980's or imperials dukes?

or, something else similar. straight leg ~8" leg opening not tapered (or very little)

the selvedge coin pocket is killing the KMWs for me, not liking that look. although the rest looks spot on.

I love my duke's. I rock them oversized....super dope.

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LVC 501XX 1947 or SC47 or Sammy S0500XX?

Price isn't really a factor since I am planning on buying one and one only, but I do want the best value for my dollar. Are the Sammies really worth a $100 more than the LVC? Because for a pair of sammies I can probably get a pair of APC and LVC.

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Sugar Cane 47, LVC 55 501 or Warehouse 1000XX/1001XX?

There is a lot of different circumstances that makes it hard for me to decide.

Sugar Cane 47

Really cheap, and the quality seems to be fantastic. I really like how Ryus pair turned out, but I have not seen any other worn in examples of this model. I have tried them on and know which size I should get. I really liked the denim, color and fit. The drawback is that I have to order from Japan, which seems to be pretty hard. I really don't want fuck anything up, because I can only afford one more pair of jeans for this year.

LVC 55 501

I tried on pair from the last collection from 06, and know which size that fit me from that season, but I don't really know how it is with the present season. I really liked the denim, color and fit on these too. I have not seen many of these broken in, except for a couple on some japanese denim sites. I REALLY like the look on these. Anyway, maybe that doesn't matter. Denim and color is probably different from those I eventually will buy because of they probably are from the japanese line, and from another season. Also more pricey than Sugar Cane 47.

Warehouse 1000XX/1001XX

I don't really know much about these. I have seen a couple of Warehouse with these tags on a lot of denim sites and they look really great. But I find it hard to find proper info about these jeans, there seem to be a lot of different versions of 1000XX/1001XX despise the fact that the name is the same. Some have different denim, some have different arcuates or non-existing arcuates, some measure different at different sizes, some have different patches, etc. They are not cheap, either. But I find the color amazing with time.

Some feedback here would be really nice.

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cheap good jeans. i was lookin at levi 514s today. but ive been readin that the quality is poor. wat are good for <$100?

I'm gonna do the classic "go slightly over the amount you stated": APC can be had for $112 at denimbaronline.com, when the code "style4um" is used. You'll have to wait until their sale ends, however, as the code is currently disabled.

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