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THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)


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Let's try this...since there's been an influx of Should I Buy Jean X or Jean Y...? threads recently.

RULES (a la minja)

1) DO NOT SHIT UP THIS THREAD. This is not a supertrash thread. Unnecessary, stupid replies will be deleted.


3) DO NOT BE A JERK OR AN ASS OR BE SNIDE OR SARCASTIC! This thread is for all those dumb little questions that don't need their own threads, so don't come in here if you don't want to read them!

4) This is for all your indecision.

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I personally vote for the New Cures, simply because I prefer the lack of branding and the color, however subtle the difference may be. I couldn't help you with the comparison fit-wise, as I have only tried on the new cures.

Glad to see this thread! There have been a lot of these threads popping up recently.

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neither of the jeans are anti-fit so i'm guessing that you're planning to size up...so my vote is for the straight svens just because i love my pair! the streaky, flame denim is pretty neat. :cool:

EDIT: just realized that you're planning on skating in these jeans so you might as well forget about nudies because they're notorious for crotch rips..

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I've got some RRDS and they dont have any crotch rip at all

And I never said I'm going skating...

And yeh i forgot about the Imperials...might go out someday to get a pair. Has anyone tried ripping off one of the pockets? they're kinda oversized if you know what I mean

I was also seriously considering something from Ande Whall after seeing Superstar's fit on them.

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I have a choice this coming paycheck: A pair of Earnest Sewn Fulton Patriot Selvedge, LVC 1955 501s, Nudie Slim Jim in Coated Denim(never seen this was before), or a pair of Acne Mod Dry Clean

I'm a pretty skinny guy, 6'3 155, I've got a 30x34 waist. Which pair should I go for?

Those are pretty different cuts. The Slim Jims and Acne are pretty slim, low rise cuts, I'm guessing the Earnest Sewns are low, regular cut and the 1955s are a more generous regular rise with an anti-fit seat.

I would try them on if possible or hunt down some more pics of them, especially on people of your build

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my bro wants a fit similar to my SDA 103's hes looking at NDG any other suggestions?

sda 003 for a different approach to the exact same cut (but lefty-twill). otherwise, might be good to try something like the full count 1108 in zimbabwee cotton. or, go back to the original, levi's '66.

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