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Indigofera is a brand based out of Stockholm, Sweden. It's just over 10 year old, having been launched in '07. They follow a 50's / 60's "cowboy" design. Their products are made mostly in Portugal but the fabrics are sourced out of Japan.

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Copeland shirt in gunpowder. The Copeland is considered the slimmer version of the Fargo, but it's still a fairly boxy cut, and the fabric weight & straight bottom makes it more natural to wear untucked (but I've worn it tucked in with high waist jeans). The fabric is a 3-by-1, 14oz denim made in Japan, it's rope dyed and fast fading. It's a fairly flat & uniform material, which works well with the color IMHO. You can see below that the shirt is evolving already. It has been soaked once and washed twice. I love the heavy duty snaps with the psychedelic font and the thick leather patch. The detailed pics below are the most accurate in color. It's a dusty black, and there is no blue cast. It works great with blue quite frankly.

I bought this shirt from Hepcat, which offers good pricing for int'l customers as they take out the VAT.

The measurements on my M sized shirts are: shoulders 18.5", P2P 22", length 29", sleeves 27.5". I don't have the opening measurement but there's very little tapper.










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Buck jeans in desert or high desert denim.

The detailed pic of the cuff is the most accurate, color wise.

The Bucks are a mid waist cut with a good amount of room in the thighs and some tapper. I just got them from Hepcat a month ago (again, great service). The color is a rich beige (beige x white twill). The fabric is a 13.5oz sanforized denim that I have seen described as selvedge in some places, and non selvedge in others. As you can see below, it looks non selvedge to me. Interestingly, it's nearly exactly the same color as my MFSC Lot.44 in P30 denim (out of stock now), except the MFSC denim is definitely selvedge (and not sanforized IIRC). The color pairs great with an indigo denim top.

On my pair size 33, the waist is 35", thighs 13", knees 8.75", front rise 11.5", back rise 16.5", leg opening is 7" (!).






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Been curious about a pair of the gunpowder’s in whichever cut has the high rise.  Maybe the buck or Clint. 

But price is pretty steep...

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