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Duconos los Grecos

Where to find Shirting Chambray by the yard?

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Hi all!


I've been looking for basic cotton chambray fabric, to have a basic navy/worker shirt made for myself. Most of the regular craft places have really ugly supposed chambray that's usually nothing like chambray- more like oxford, and very solid in color. This used to be a staple of surplus stores and jeans outlets alike, but apparently no more, hence the search for decent fabric to make my own instead. I grew out of my old LLBean's and Big Macs. It appears Japanese mills have undertaken the task of recreating the kind of chambray typically used by all the US mainstream trade shirtmakers from the 40s to the 80s. If anyone can direct me to sites selling small quantities (enough for a shirt or 2), I'd be most grateful.


Mr. Freedom made shirts in a really neat chambray (I didn't like the design tho), and the supplier seems to have been Buzz Rickson or Sugar Cane. I doubt they'd direct me to their supplier, or that their supplier would agree to sell 3-6 yards retail...








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I have a ton

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Thanks for the link, Iron Horse. I've been there and quite a few other general sites as well, and checked out what seemed closest, but it seems that they're mostly out of touch with what chambray used to look like (like vintage denim, in a way). The closest looking sample I found on fabric.com was the one below, but no idea how it'll turn out in reality. I ordered fabric that seemed legit from another site, but when I got it, man did it look bland.



I guess I could just order a sample first....


@Edmond: I didn't get that...



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