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who here is drunk?


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I only had about 4 beers in the past 2 hours. but fuck that beer bar. the shit fucks you up QUICK. 8.5% and over 10% for another i think? Shit, st. bernardus abt 12, duchesse de burgnone, old rasputin, westhapniner kristal, and perhaps part of my friend's beer. I normally don't get drunk at the beer snob bar, but it was just one of those night,s namsyain?

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which is more compatible with a waif lifestyle, smoking or drinking?

alcohol contains calories, but smoking makes me want to eat foods that are high in calories.

do both.

What an easy question. U need both to balance it.

smoking makes ur dick limp, while alcohol makes u erect liek a 17yo cock.

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ive never drunik and drove before having visions problemsm too made it kinda scary getting home girht now. thanks for teh vodka recomentation guys it wnet over goood then again i got tequila too cauise i like thatk. i hadnt had a drink in over 2 months so this is hitting me hard erh than it shoudl.im getting sleepy now i shouldnt enev be here right now.

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ufck, i justy rode home drunk from da club at 2:00 and the're be a 1200 curfew in htownizze mayne. fucki'n pgi's be alz over try'n toa paull a nigga overfa da curfew and shi.t fucl pigs mayben thank jubus i was streightn headsz. fuck ILKE and da curfew and da pigs maybne. fuck

confession: thids breezy from ma hsigh school wasz at da club and i wuz bout to holla but i din't. manyne, gotta facebok da girl and gut hear numba sO i can' spit gayme. fck, shouldv hollad'd amayne

mighy got azz. culd, wood, shood maybe

h-towzn rep'n

rlp. fat patz, bj screw and pmimp c mayne


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