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who here is drunk?


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you dont let the negative affect you, mrip.

that way you sleep better at night and you stay looking young.

plus, im smoking crack 90% of the time. :D

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I chugged a King cobra 40oz before watching the dark knight last night. Got a good buzz going. Somehow all 4 of my friends managed to sneak in the theaters with all the security since its a big release. Then munched out all hard on nachos, popcorn, and shit that will make you fat. I didnt understand what was going on when the movie started, but it the joker was mad crazy and steezy haha

Edit: Corba's suck...get a Mickeys

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there werent any buses going to my street so i had a 20 minute walk with this old jamaican guy. in his 40s, aroiund. he was speaking in a very heavy accent but i tried to listen. i'd throw in a "yeah, yeah" or a "damn" or a i understand just so i didnt look stuopid. he was talking about how is lady is taking too much money from him and tahat stuff. when we got to his street i walked a little but i smelled weed and heard younger jamaican kids yelling so i took a cab.

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wtf i did the same shit. fuck credit cardzzzzz

i keep thinking its free money

i need to sell drugs

+rep for being(similar to) me

but i wish I could not buy anymore shoes, I just bought two new pairs of black jeans, and a cheap monday coat


oh well

just gotta sell some drugs and BJs and im back at aquare 1

you know what they say...

"you cant have enuff black jawnz in yer wardrobe"

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i dont know how yall make it to this thread while yall drunk. props to yall

luckily it was right up top or I'd be fucked.

p.v.- keystone is some dirt ass light beer, some water tasteimg shit, I guess I shouldn't bit h cuz I didn't pay for it and we just played some beer pong.

Brass monkey a brand or you just aippin old e and oj?

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