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who here is drunk?


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tonight i realized i have the typical drunk ass friends. just got back to college and this is the observations:

friend 1 just broke his girlfriend and tries hooking up with another chick while she is saying no. still goes on to try and make out with her mouth that is fucking shut and hands pushing him off

friend 2 is the loud talker who seeks sympathy. feels like he's only average compared to everybody and decides to get second opinions

friend 3 who keeps trying to work up on a chick but won't admit it to the boyzzzz

and friend 4 who just pukes and drools all over his dumb ass until you have to take him home


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just hgot off work heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. just wanted to let you know that spending your moeny on a doorgirl is stpid but I LOVE ITTTTTTTT

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I'm In Vegas.. 27 Drinks Later. Fuck Yeah Hella Denim In The House.

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front onthe frd=raetlihalkwaht we got hookers with heaters tha'll put more shells in yoru top than adidas.




slenanigng the coke wtihout the cola.

for real? i guess i'm different than yalls. i actually pay attention even more when im typing intoxicated than when im typing sober.

out of booze after the weekend, i should start buying in bulk. :(

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