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who here is drunk?


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thanks for the tips leon, i won't be needing them though since i'm bringing my Julius distressed nickelplated brass knuckles

pussy needs brass knuckles. cant use bare hands.

oh wow, like i care if they are julius brass knuckles.

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Writing film scripts when your drunk is a lot of fun.

I found this quick script I wrote like 3 years ago about Will Ferrell who is wealthy,married and bored with his life. One day he stumbles into home depot to get some marble spray paint for his deck and ends up either working for home depot or hanging out in the parking lot with the other mexicans for jobs everyday.

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Superfuture is creepy. Was at Kimo tonight to watch the Paranoids play and after the show, Kiya and I were hanging out at the bar…some random Asian kid comes up to me…way too enthusiastic. He goes "holy shit, are you sidneylo???? Dude, can i shake your hand? You're a living legend!!!!!" Kiya turns around and he goes "Dude, you're the guy from SELF EDGE!!! Let me shake your hand, you're both living legends!"

After he left, we looked at each other like WHAT. THE. FUCK.

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